Hunan Longshan arsenic gold ore beneficiation

The flotation process of the mine is shown in the figure below. Ore Longshan filling cracks in epithermal deposits, mainly mineral stibnite, Ci native gold, antimonial lead ore, copper ore yellow, pyrite, arsenopyrite and antimony oxide, gangue minerals quartz, with minor sericite, silicates, flot-----

Overview of gold recovery from lead anode mud

The treatment of lead anode mud is basically smelted by fire at home and abroad. The traditional fire law principle process is shown in Figure 1. China has both copper and lead smelters, and lead anode mud is generally mixed with copper anode mud after copper removal and selenium removal. After a -----

Drying box

Introduction: Drying box Drying box for plant and research unit polymer material drying, resin curing, pharmaceutical, baking varnish, electronics, electroplating, pharmaceutical, printing and baking, motor drying, transformer drying, industrial heat treatment, disinfection and heating, insulatio-----