Cummins builds the second largest R&D center in the…

The second phase of the expansion project of the Cummins East Asia Research and Development Center was completed in the Wuhan Development Zone and became the second largest research and development organization in the world behind Cummins, the technology center of the United States. This a-----

Protect armored car

China Automotive Networking Armored Cars Catalogues are included in the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Armored Cars Auto Announcement All 7 Categories 30 Manufacturers 25 Armored Car Brands 1052 Armored Car Product Information, Lates-----

Vec wheeled cavalry recon

The China Automobile Network reconnaissance vehicle column included China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Reconnaissance Vehicle Auto Announcement All 1 Categories 2 Manufacturers 1 Reconnaissance Vehicle Brand 3 Reconnaissance Vehicle -----

Fast Retarder fully meets new market needs

In response to the new requirements of the new national standard on the installation of retarder products for vehicles, the Fast Group has accelerated the pace of product technology and technological innovation in a timely manner. Recently, the company's newly-increased annual output of -----

"Digital Authentication" Solving Partial Part…

According to a survey, 56% of Chinese auto users have used fake and inferior parts in their vehicles. In the past three years, accidents have accounted for 13% of the total auto accidents. Auto parts companies have been suffering from the lack of a convenient and authentic authentication met-----

Synthetic biology will be industrialized

According to China Daily drying Reuters Web of Science recently reported that British scientists have developed a new method, a new component factory microbial production time can be reduced from two days to six hours. The researchers believe that this is a step closer to the new industrial revolu-----