A Survey of Crop Seed Purity Identification Methods 4

4.2 SSR (Simple Sequence Repeat) Founded by Moore Equal to 1991. SSR, microsatellite DNA, is a type of DNA tandem repeat consisting of tandem repeats of several (mostly 1 to 5) bases, which are generally short in length and widely distributed in the genome. Different positions, such as -----

NDRC Denies Rumor of Loss of Oil Reserves

According to the Jinghua Times, yesterday, Zhang Guobao, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, stated that when China was carrying out oil reserves, the oil price in the in-----

May 9 Tianjin Steel Market Price Quotes

Product Name Specification Material Steel Factory/Origin Price Today (yuan/ton) Yesterday Price (yuan/ton) Change (yuan/ton) High-line φ6.5-10mm Q235 Shougang 5840-5900 5840-5900 No-line φ6.5 -10mm Q235 Tangshan Steel 5840-5900 5840-5900 High Line φ6.5-10mm Q235 Xuanhua Steel 5840-5900-----

February 26 Ningbo Steel Market Price Quotes

The product name specification material steel factory/origin price (yuan/ton) is Φ6.5mm Q235 Weifang 4860 0 160 420 high line Φ6.5mm Q235 Beitai 4920 0 170 460 high line Φ6.5mm Q235 Fushun compared to last week. 4880 -40 130 420 High Line Φ8mm Q335 Yong Steel 4980 -20 180 400 Rebar Î-----