Is driverless cars really safe today?

For the first time, Google’s fully autonomous driverless car suffered major traffic accidents. A Google driving unmanned car under test was in close touch with the bus yesterday. The accident occurred on Valentine’s Day last month and Google r-----

Korea developed a phosphor-free white LED

KAIST's professor of physics research team successfully developed the technology to produce phosphor-free white LED, which is expected to be used in next-generation lighting and displays. At present, the majority of white LEDs combine blue phosphors with blue LEDs or white LEDs with a combina-----

New shipbuilding "Eeva VG" with Ecospeed coat…

Recently, the new shipbuilding "Eeva VG" completed the application of Ecospeed coating. The vessel is the first of a series of two efficient dry cargo carriers, managed by VG Shipping and will be operated in the Baltic region upon delivery. The two cargo ships are VG EcoCoasters, the ship-----

Factors affecting the electronic crane scale

After the electronic hanging scale sensor is used for a period of time, its ability to maintain its constant performance is stable. In addition to its own structure, the main factors affecting the long-term stability of the electronic hanging scale sensor are the environment, which is mainly respon-----