Multifunctional sweeper car introduction

Just after the summer solstice on the 21st, the hot air made the road's environmental hygiene more important. Imagine if there is no road sweeper, if there is a dirty environment, are people willing to leave the house? What I want to introduce now is no-----

Road sweeper performance evaluation

With the rising of people’s living standards, the busy urban transportation and the accumulation of human beings have brought many environmental problems such as garbage and dust to roads. Therefore, the appearance of road cleaning sweeping vehicles -----

Refrigerated car "courier fee"

Now that express delivery has spread all over the country, people know exactly how much money the item is sent to. Then, does anyone know how to calculate the freight rate for refrigerated trucks ? Although it is generally the company that transports fresh -----

Introduction Hook arm garbage truck

The hook-arm garbage truck is mainly used for municipal sanitation garbage collection and urban garbage transportation, especially for the collection and transportation of residential garbage. We can also call it a detachable garbage truck. There are severa-----