Does the accident car parking fee have provisions in the country?

Some people's cars have already belonged to the accident car, but they have been parked in the parking lot for several years and have not driven away. The accumulated parking fees at this time are quite considerable. Some owners think that the accident vehicle is not an ordinary vehicle. It cannot normally go on the road. Therefore, it should not receive the same parking fees as normal vehicles. The state should also make more explanations and regulations. Then, does the accident vehicle parking fee have regulations?


There is no relevant regulation in the state of accident car parking fees. How much parking fee is charged depends on the arrangement of parking lots. There is no relationship with the national requirements, and it is not implicated in the normal driving of vehicles. Whether it is an accident vehicle or a normal vehicle, what kind of charge is required by the parking lot, and the owner should pay according to the corresponding standards. If he does not want to pay for the parking fee, he should not park the car in a parking lot that needs to be charged.

Some people think that after the car becomes an accident car, they have bought their own insurance, so the insurance company should also reimburse the accident car's parking fee, reminding everyone that this is not possible because the accident car parking fee is not caused by a vehicle accident. The direct expenses incurred are the indirect losses incurred after the accident vehicle accident and are not linked to the scope of liability of the auto insurance. Natural parking fee insurance companies will not make claims.

If your own vehicle belongs to an accident vehicle, it is recommended that the majority of vehicles be able to deal with them in a timely manner. You can auction or quote according to normal procedures. Do not park them in the parking lot for long periods of time. This will not result in parking charges. Now.

The accident vehicle parking fees are stipulated in the country? There are many people who don’t understand the accident vehicle knowledge, which leads to misunderstandings of the accident vehicle. I hope that everyone can understand the accident vehicle properly and normally, so that we can not misunderstand the accident vehicle. It also better protects the rights of individuals. If you want to buy a used car in your life, you are not advised to buy an accident car. Although the accident car is very cheap, it is prone to safety accidents.

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