Driving a commercial vehicle requires moderate exercise to prevent car diseases

Most old drivers should keep a motion in the cab seat for a long period of time because they affect the circulation of the blood and cause some diseases. Old commercial vehicle drivers are most likely to appear. Constipation situation. And when driving the vehicle all the time, it will be in a situation where the whole body is vibrating anytime and anywhere. At this time, the lumbar disc is under great pressure, but it is more difficult to withstand than the straight waist. More stress. For a long time, the problem of lumbar disc herniation will be very common. When driving a commercial vehicle, the arms are suspended for a longer period of time. The vibrations between the steering wheel and the steering wheel have a great influence on the fingers and arms of the person. It is relatively easy. There are cases where the wrist nerves are damaged and the wrist joints are painful.

驾驶商务车需适量运动  预防患上汽车病

Because commercial vehicles are limited by the space of activities that can be experienced during the driving of the indoor environment, people's bodily functions have a problem when they fall a long time. In fact, to develop a good driving habit of a correct standard will be a good prevention of car sickness, when driving in a long time, after driving for two hours, you need to take a short break. After the vehicle is safely parked, it is possible to ease the fatigue of the hand by getting off to do stretching exercises, moving the lower arm and waist, and then the wrist or the fingers.

In order to avoid some of the pollutants in the commercial vehicle being harmed by the human respiratory system, do not always use the internal circulation when using air conditioning in the vehicle. The outer loop can be properly returned. Then it is also essential for the maintenance of the air conditioning of the vehicle, which requires regular cleaning and replacement. And in the driving process, we must open more windows for ventilation, so that more fresh air convection, when the windows are completely closed, try not to smoke in the car.

Container Crane is a dedicated crane for handling containers at sea port, wharf, harbor, railway container yard, etc. A container crane can a Rail Mounted Gantry Crane ( Rmg Crane ), a Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane (Rtg Crane), a railway freight container crane, a container straddle carrier, a portal crane or a STS, etc. The most commonly seen container crane is the RMG crane.

Train Freight Container Crane

The conainer crane made by Weihua is fully automated with the following features:

1. U type gantry structure, stable running, large working space.

2. Rotatable hoisting trolley and spreader. The trolley can rotate 270° and spreader can rotate 360°.

3. Electrical anti-sway system with smooth handling and precise positioning.

4. The cantilever design can be single cantilever, double cantilever, and non-cantilever.

5. Low lifting speed for low lifting height. High crane traveling speed for long-track container handling. The trolley traveling speed depends on the span and the outreaching distance of both sides of the girder.

6. Electrical drive-control system adopts thyristor speed regulating drive AC or DC control system to meet the higher need and accomplish a better performance of speed regulating and control.

7. Digital frequency conversion and PCL control.

8. High Precision Sensor Data Acquisition Technology.

9. Industrial computer data analysis and processing system.

10. Touch screen real-time displays the working condition.

11. The control system temporarily receive plug-in jobs.

12. Intelligent control system adjust the spreader position and deflection angle to realize accuracy locking and precision container stacking.

13. Equipped with PDS system.

14. Programmed path planning and obstacle avoidance technology.

15. Infrared space scanning carry out real-time scanning of yard container storage situation.

Rtg Container Crane

Weihua cranes have exported to 110 countries with a lot of praise. Welcome to visit Weihua and we have confidence to provide you with the right crane products and professional solutions.

Rmg Container Crane

Capacity: 35t - 40t

Span: 30m or custom

Lift height: 16m or custom

Work duty: A6 or custom

Spreader: rotatable container spreader

Packing: wooden case, rain cloth, reinforced bar

Rtg Gantry Cranes

Container Crane

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