·Chinese auto company Iraq set up factory tax exemption

The 2015 China-Arab Auto Cooperation Forum (hereinafter referred to as the China-Arab Cooperation Forum) was held on September 11-12 at the Wanda Realm Hotel in Yinchuan, China. With the theme of “China and Afghanistan join hands and mobilize the future”, this forum will focus on how the Chinese auto companies will enter the Arab countries under the new theme of “One Belt, One Road”. “How Chinese automakers can achieve win-win in the target market” Interpretation of the automotive industry policy, "Characteristics of Automotive Demand in the Arab Countries" and "Introduction to the Experience of Chinese Brand Automobile Enterprises". At the China-Arab Forum, Phoenix Motors, as a co-organizer, conducted a comprehensive and multi-angle report.

The following is a speech by Abbas Al-noori, Vice President of the International Relations Department of the Iraqi Chamber of Commerce.

Abbas Al-noori: Hello everyone! Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! First of all, let me thank the co-organizers and co-organizers. Iraq has imported Chinese cars since 2004. Iraq has entered various kinds of cars, cars and trucks. In Iraq, a large number of people use Chinese cars. Many big cars are used for college students. Chinese cars are now in There are also Iraqi markets, you can also buy Chinese cars, and there are various incentives. There are many places to repair Chinese cars in Iraq, and basically there is a repair location in each province. But because China's cars are now more and more in Iraq, I think the Iraqi market is now the biggest market. Now there are so many Chinese cars in Iraq. We need accessories now. Accessories are a very important requirement for us. We started to import Chinese accessories.

Regarding cooperation, Iraq has also built cars. Iraq used to have a big factory. But if you know these wars, Iraq has stopped these factories. Now I have invited Chinese people to come to Iraq to cooperate or invest in these factories because Iraq has a tax exemption for Chinese factories. If you go to Iraq to open a company, there will be no tax problems.

Iran took advantage of this and began assembling cars in Iraq. The first Iranian car was launched in 2015. It is a small car used in taxis. In this discussion, I think China should start working with Iraqis to build cars in Iraq. I think Chinese factories must build cars in Iraq, but they must pay attention to the environment and temperature in Iraq. The temperature in Iraq can reach 40-50 degrees, so I think Chinese-made cars must be suitable for the Iraqi environment. We are ready, and this time Iraq has also provided appropriate policies because Iraq’s policies can provide tax exemptions and can also help these companies to provide foreign markets. If they manufacture cars in Iraq, they can take out these cars in Iraq.

During this time, we received some orders for accessories, and we are ready to supply all kinds of materials to all Chinese car factories. We are ready to provide all the materials you need.

Finally, let me thank all the co-organizers, thank you!

The Automatic Production Line of Industrial Robot consists of robot loading and unloading workstation, robot assembly workstation.

The main industry for Robot Production Line:
1. packaging and processing production in the garment industry.
2. food industry packaging, processing Production Line and so on.
3. large industrial production lines, such as automobile product manufacturing and so on.
4. electronic products, pharmaceuticals, chemical products packaging and other processing production lines, etc.

Type of robot production line

1, robot for loading and unloading: automatic feeding / unloading, workpiece turnover and workpiece sequencing for disc, long axis, irregular shape and metal plate. It has good rigidity, smooth operation and very convenient maintenance.
2, carrying robot: an industrial robot that can carry out automatic handling. The conveying robot can install different end effector to accomplish the work of various shapes and states of work pieces, greatly reducing the heavy manual labor of human beings. It is widely used in automatic handling of machine tool and material, automatic production line of punching machine, Automatic Assembly Line, palletizing handling, container and so on.
3: welding robot for industrial robot automatic welding, can according to the predetermined control to achieve continuous trajectory control and position control with long-term welding operation, high productivity, high quality and high stability characteristics of welding process, the cost is high and the running performance is strong, with many advantages, the accuracy of path the cycle time is short, high, long life and other integrated pipeline design
4, grinding robot: it is an industrial robot that can be automatically sprayed, polished and polished. Generally speaking, the structure is 9 degrees of freedom joint structure, the arm has larger movement space, and can do complex track motion. It has high flexibility and repeatability to ensure the repeatability of the process and ensure the stability of the quality, and improve the efficiency and efficiency.

Robot Production Line

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