Internet thinking drives new impetus for automotive innovation

This year's TEDA Forum focused on the "Internet thinking and innovative automotive industry" theme, bringing together experts in the automotive and Internet industries and commenting on the innovation of the entire automotive industrial chain under the background of the Internet, stirring up an enlightening brainstorming.

As the host of this brainstorming, Zhang Jianwei, deputy director of the China Automotive Technology and Research Center, stated in his opening remarks that with the development of the Internet and the integration with the automotive industry, the impact of the Internet on the automotive industry has become more and more profound. Under this background, the automotive industry needs to use Internet thinking to re-examine the development of the entire industry chain, innovate in product design and development, supply system, sales model and auto use, and cultivate new competitive advantages.

"Internet" to build a new eco-industry <br> <br> Currently, the global auto industry has entered a new era, the rise of the Internet repairer, popularization of new energy vehicles, electronic business platform impact on the traditional 4S shops and auto resources The sharing of more and more attention, the automotive industry has thus presented many new changes.

For these new changes, Zhang Yongwei, deputy director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, believes that after the integration of the Internet and automobiles, automobiles will no longer be a traditional industry category. The Internet will also become another industry category and cannot be divided according to traditional industries. Define it. Fusion will inevitably break the original industrial boundaries and cause ambiguity.

Zhang Yongwei used the “industry jungle” to describe this state of integration and innovation and considered it as a disruptive and fundamental source of innovation. In his view, the "Internet car" is like a jungle with various plants. The form and life cycle of different plants are different and together form an organic whole. Therefore, it is not possible to define a certain form of business prematurely, nor to deny a kind of innovation prematurely.

Zhang Junyi, partner of Roland Berger Enterprise Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., further pointed out that this is a new ecosystem. The change of the Internet to the automobile will permeate all the links of the entire value chain, bringing much to the competition and development of the industry and the development of the industry. opportunity.

According to Rong Hui, assistant to the president of Beijing Automotive Co., Ltd., the Internet has changed the consumption habits and consumer psychology of the new generation of consumers. How much this change will affect car sales is still difficult to judge, but it will certainly become a very important factor affecting sales. . "The time may have changed, we have to prepare for the drop in overall car sales," he said. "The impact of the Internet, the automotive industry should pay attention to four aspects, namely, speed, personality, interaction and service." Zheng Zhaodong, vice president of BMW China Data Services and Business Model, pointed out that product development speed, a deep understanding of users, and the user's The close interaction and the services of the entire product are all advantages of the Internet. The traditional depots should better self-improvement by comparing the characteristics of both parties.

As the representative of the domestic vertical automotive e-commerce platform, Qin Zhi, chief executive of the car home, believes that the Internet is more or less infiltrated in every aspect of the entire automotive industry chain, but the impact on R&D and manufacturing is still relatively Small, more reflected in the marketing link.

Qin Zhi believes that there are three things on the Internet that will change human lives. One is a consumption scenario, the second is technological progress, and the third is user data behavior analysis and cloud computing. "I think the 'Internet car' means that due to technological progress, the Internet has affected the entire automotive industry through changes in cloud computing, big data, and consumption scenarios." He further stated that he will still be in the "car Internet in the next two or three years." In the stage, the automobile industry uses the Internet as a tool to improve the efficiency of all aspects of the original industry chain.

Sina Automobile Editor-in-Chief Liu Xiaoke interpreted the impact of Internet thinking on the automotive industry from the perspective of the portal. He believes that the essence of Internet thinking is user-centered, proceeding from the needs of users, and judging and changing the business model around users. This is different from the thinking of the industrial age. Regarding the current Internet company car makers, he believes that the advantage of Internet companies lies in being able to closely focus on the user center, break through various limitations such as management and cost, and meet various user needs in a timely and accurate manner. "It is not so much that the Internet companies have reached out to the traditional manufacturing industry. It is better that the OEMs must make new choices in the context of changes in customers and the times." SAIC General Motors' new business development and marketing Ren Hongyan, deputy director and director of planning and development of Shanghai Anjixing, said that now, after 80 and 90, the proportion of car owners is getting higher and higher. Their concept of consumption is different from that of the post-70s and the 60s. They like to spend ahead of time and overdraft consumption, and they also pay great attention to it. personalise. At the same time, the entire travel mode is also changing. In the future, some people will not buy cars. Instead, they will use car rentals and shared cars.

Ren Hongyan believes that changes in customers need to be linked together by the ties of car networking, and this is exactly the opportunity for car companies. “From the point of view of the Internet of Vehicles, there are two major benefits of the automotive networking. One is the ability to collect more real-time data, and the other is to become a channel for service push. With the data from the Internet, the OEM can provide more accurate marketing and Personalized service, which will promote our better evolution." She said.


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