Formaldehyde detector use method

Excessive symptoms of formaldehyde 1. When you get up early in the morning, you feel bored, nauseous, and even dizzy.

2. People often have a cold at home;

3, Although not smoking, but often feel uncomfortable throat, foreign body sensation, poor breathing;

4, children at home often cough, sneezing, decreased immunity;

5, family members often have allergies and other problems, but also grouped;

6. There is a disease in the family, and after leaving this environment, the symptoms have changed significantly and improved;

7. Newly-married couples suffer from infertility for a long time and cannot find out the reasons; 8. Pregnant women find fetal malformations under normal pregnancy conditions;

9. In the newly moved or newly renovated house, indoor plants are not easy to survive, and the leaves are likely to yellow and wither;

10. After the new move, domestic cats, dogs and even tropical fish somehow died;

11. When I go to work, I feel sore throat, dry air, and nothing happens after work.

12. Newly refurbished homes and office rooms or new buyers have irritating odors such as pungent and harsh eyes, and the odors are persistent.

Xuzhou Jincheng instrument optical printing eight in one indoor air testing equipment: Model JC-5

Application area:

Suitable for residential areas, indoor air, indoor air, public places, furniture, flooring, wallpaper, blankets, paints, gardening, interior decoration materials; dyes, paper, pharmaceutical, medical, antisepsis, disinfection, fertilizers, resins, adhesives Field and quantitative determination of formaldehyde in pesticides, raw materials, samples, processes and production workshops and places of life.

Instrument features:

1. Multifunction: Simultaneous detection of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, toluene, xylene, TVOC harmful gases in indoor air 2. Flow stability: In order to meet the needs of indoor environmental monitoring, the instrument uses a large flow pump, adjustable resistance The flowmeter has the characteristics of stable flow rate and high accuracy, and can be well adapted to the situation where the detection tubes of benzene, ammonia, toluene, xylene, TVOC, etc. have large sampling resistance;

3, automatic control: can be arbitrarily set time in 0 to 99 minutes, easy to operate, intuitive, automatically stop the end of the sampling work;

4. Shunt control: The instrument adopts 6 motors, 6 pumps, large flow, and independent gas path structure. In the sampling process, each sampling flow does not interfere with each other, and 6 channels can be selected to work at the same time or any arbitrary gas path according to actual needs. Work at the same time;

5, beautiful: color PC mask panel, touch buttons, beautiful and delicate;

Formaldehyde measurement features:

1. Large LCD screen with backlight display 2. Full Chinese operation menu for easier operation 3. Display current date and time, automatically measure on-site temperature and humidity, and print out with inspection results 4. Store 50 sets of test data , For later review 5, to provide a choice of different test execution standards, to facilitate the judgment of the test results 6, on-site thermal print custom format test report 7, the original reading curve adjustment function, that can easily self-calibration of machine readings Technical parameters:

Lower limit of determination: 0.02 mg/m3 (sample volume is 10 liters)

Measurement range: 0.00-4.00 mg/m3 (sample volume is 10 liters)

Measurement accuracy: 0.01

Measurement method: GB phenol reagent method Source: LED silicon photodiode, wavelength 630nm

Benzene, ammonia, toluene, xylene, TVOC

Benzene (0.05~4mg/m3)

Ammonia (0.05~3mg/m3)

Toluene (0.05~4mg/m3)

Xylene (0.05~4mg/m3)

TVOC (0.05~4mg/m3)

Voltage: 220Vac

Frequency: 50/60hz

Power: 5*2.5W

Flow rate: 6*1.5L/min

Weight: 2.5kg

Detection range: 0.00-4.00 mg/m3 Working current: 5A

Appearance size: 40*28*16cm

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