Liaoning's first PLC simulation system built to provide conditions for professional training

[China Instrument Network Instrument R&D] Recently, Liaoning Bohai Petroleum Administration Bureau Jinzhou 25-1 South Oil & Gas Field completed its own PLC (programmable logic controller) simulation test system. After running the program, all functions were normal, and the first PLC simulation in Liaodong Bay was performed. The system officially settled in the Jinzhou 25-1 South oil and gas field.

PLC is widely used in the automation control of various equipments on the offshore oil production platform. It can be said that PLC is a basic skill that electric instrument professional must master. However, due to the single resource facilities on the platform for staff simulation exercises, it is difficult for employees to learn PLC skills. The Jinzhou 25-1 South Oil and Gas Field after careful research, put forward a plan for the independent establishment of the PLC simulation system. The assembly of the simulation system, instrument professional use of the dismantling of the old spare parts of the platform, through the transformation of the original electrical test bench, learning PLC data, completed the first set of Liaodong Bay PLC simulation system assembly. This system can be used for electric instrument professionals to learn PLC and carry out simulation experiments. It can further increase the electrician's professional research and learning enthusiasm for PLC, which lays a good foundation for the training and learning of future interns and broadens the field of oil and gas. Employees practice drills. .

Through this transformation, the instrumentation professionals have not only deepened the knowledge of the PLC system, but also trained their ability to debug from the start of construction to completion, which further strengthened their professional foundation and provided facilities for the future professional learning of electric instruments. .

(Original title: Liaodong Bay First PLC Simulation System Completed)

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