The guy built a website vows to be a rumors rigorous logic reasoning to false

Guy builds a website vows rumors of rigorous logical reasoning to falsely save a real diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-09-21

The guy built a website vow to be the terminator
In the era of mobile Internet, various types of information were quickly disseminated through micro-blogs, social networking sites, etc. Various network segments were retransmitted after being reprocessed according to people's preferences. In the end, the network segment that could not be researched has become a “news” with a high forwarding rate. Where does it come from? Is it true or false? It seems that nobody cares.
On September 16, the “Gossip Research Center” website was formally launched. The site uses authoritative data and strict reasoning as the cornerstones of the legislation, aiming to pass on a "positivist" spirit and ways of identifying rumors to netizens. The "Gossip Research Center" website has published various types of rumors by real name through Sina Weibo, Renren and WeChat. Less than a week after the site was launched, all kinds of rumors have been closed, nearly 50, and attracted nearly 3,000 people.
Yesterday, the reporter turned an interview to Wu Heng, the founder of the website who just arrived in Beijing.
Difficult to distinguish between authenticity and madness
Recently, "Diaoyu Island is China's territory" has become a strong cry for all Chinese. In response to this, there was such a post on Weibo and forums that was forwarded and watched by countless users. The post stated that: In 1987, the former President of the Philippines called on Deng Xiaoping. When talking about the sovereignty of the Nansha Islands, the former President of the Philippines said that, at least geographically, those islands are closer to the Philippines. Deng Xiaoping smoked a cigarette and said that geographically, the Philippines is also close to China. Since then, there has been no fighting in the Nansha Islands.
This post is a case in which the “Gossip Research Center” went online and came from the end of rumors that were considered successful. Wu Heng said: "This post has been circulating for a long time. We have no way to verify the early source, but we have found that the post itself cannot withstand scrutiny."
Wu Heng, who graduated from Fudan University's Center for Historical Geography, pointed out two fatal injuries. First, in 1987, the former President of the Philippines did not visit China at all. Second, the way in which leaders of the two sides spoke was not in accordance with diplomatic common sense and China’s foreign policy at that time.
The website wrote in the last paragraph that ended the rumors: Territory and territorial waters are the core interests of a country and are closely related to each citizen. It is understandable that netizens expect the government to do its utmost to protect the interests of the country’s territory and territorial waters. However, respect for facts and rational expression is the basic quality of being a true patriot and a mature citizen.
Strict logic reasoning to falsify truth
According to Wu Heng, volunteers at the “Gossip Research Center” waited for rumors to find their way through their microblog or Renren account. Once suspicious content was discovered, the volunteers set foot in the horsepower, searched for authoritative historical data, searched for first-hand information of the parties, read relevant knowledge, and finally judged by authoritative historical data, strict logical reasoning and more common sense facts. get conclusion.
On Weibo, there was such a post that was forwarded crazy. "Do you know that Apple's LOGO design uses a golden ratio, which is one of the reasons why it is irresistible."
As shown in the figure on the right, many netizens will call Apple LOGO's design with creativity and finesse at the first glance, which is a product of deep processing. Wu Heng was no one else. He took the map and carefully measured it with a charting tool. The results showed that the circles numbered as 13, 8, and 5 in the figure were 184 pixels, 116 pixels, and 72 pixels. Obviously, they were not taken from That pink gold rectangle.
After measuring and logical reasoning by Wu Heng and volunteers on the site, Apple's LOGO design uses a golden ratio that proves to be untrue.
Do not blindly follow positive energy
For rumors, Wu Heng is defined in this way. Rumors are different from rumors. Although they have no subjective intention, they have a faulty responsibility. They can only be regarded as rumors when rumors are proven to be false. Wu Heng said: “The fickleness of information explosion and Internet sentiment has deeply affected the judgment of netizens. Our website is built with the hope that more netizens will have a discerning spirit, and in the face of uncertain information, do not follow blindly. Immediately forward or comment, calm down, and be able to think for 10 seconds. The positive energy that this brings will be immeasurable."
In the personal space of Wu Heng Renren, you can see recruiting posts. Wu Heng said that I want to build a good public website with a group of people who share the same ideals.
Now Wu Heng's team has more than 10 people. All of them are volunteers. They have been on the line for only 5 days. The site already has "hardcore" fans. They are honored as "the Emperor of the Text". Every day, "The Emperor of the Text" will be happy to monitor network rumors. , To screen in a timely manner, but also constantly collect all kinds of authoritative information as a reserve.
"Our dream is to strive to make more people become the terminators of online rumors, so that the site's articles as much as possible to achieve a high level of listening." Wu Heng firmly said.
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