The State Council encourages foreign investment in the instrumentation industry directory

Guidance: The "Foreign Investment Industry Guidance Catalogue (Revised in 2011)" approved by the State Council has been issued and will be implemented as of January 30, 2012. Involving the instrumentation industry The State Council encourages foreign investors to invest in 11 fields, including industrial process automation control systems and device manufacturing, large-scale precision instrument development and manufacturing.

The Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries (Revised in 2011), which has been approved by the State Council, is hereby issued and will come into effect on January 30, 2012. The Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries (Revised in 2007) issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce on October 31, 2007 was repealed at the same time. Director of the National Development and Reform Commission: Zhang Ping Minister of Commerce: Chen Deming December 24th, 2001 Documents Section IV (22) provides that in the field of instrumentation and instrumentation the State Council encourages foreign investment, detailed as follows:

(22) Instruments, Meters, and Culture and Office Machinery Manufacturing 1. Industrial Process Automatic Control System and Device Manufacturing: Fieldbus Control System, Large-Scale Programmable Controller (PLC), Two-Phase Flowmeter, Solid Flowmeter, New Type Sensors and field measuring instruments 2. Development and manufacture of large-scale precision instruments: electron microscopes, laser scanning microscopes, scanning tunneling microscopes, electron probes, large metallographic microscopes, photoelectric direct reading spectrometers, Raman spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, chromatography-mass spectrometry Instruments, NMR spectrometers, energy spectrometers, X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, diffractometers, industrial CT, 450KV industrial X-ray flaw detectors, large dynamic balance testing machines, online mechanical automatic detection systems, three-coordinate measuring machines, lasers Chia-Yi, electric probing equipment, measuring instruments above 500m in avionics and gamma spectroscopy, well gravity and three-component magnetometers, high-precision microgalactic gravity and aerial gravity gradient measuring instruments, grating rulers, encoders 3, high Accuracy digital voltmeter, ammeter manufacturing (display range more than seven and a half)

4. Manufacture of reactive power automatic compensation device 5. Safety production new instrument and equipment manufacturing 6. VXI bus type automatic test system (according to IEEE1155 international standard) Manufacturing 7. Coal mine downhole monitoring and disaster forecasting system and coal safety inspection integrated management system development and Manufacturing 8. Engineering surveying and geophysical observation equipment manufacturing: Digital triangulation system, 3D terrain model CNC forming system (area> 1000 × 1000mm, horizontal error <1mm, elevation error <0.5mm), ultra-wideband seismometer (φ< 5cm, frequency band 0.01-50Hz, equivalent dynamic velocity noise <10-9m/s), seismic data set processing system, integrated downhole seismic and precursory observation system, precision vibroseis system, engineering acceleration measurement system, high precision GPS receiver Machine (precision 1mm 1ppm), INSAR Image Receiving and Processing System, INSAR Image Receiving and Processing System, Absolute Gravimeter with Accuracy <1 μG, Satellite Gravimeter, Doppler Weather Radar with Coherent or Dual Polarization Technology, Visibility Measurement Instrument, weather sensor (temperature, pressure, humidity, wind, precipitation, cloud, visibility, radiation, frozen soil, snow ), Lightning Protection System, Multi-stage Dust Sampling Meter, 3-D Ultrasonic Anemometer, High-precision Intelligent Total Station, 3D Laser Scanner, High Performance Diamond Drill for Drilling, Non-cooperative Target Laser Rangefinder, Wind Profiler Instrument (with RASS), GPS Electronic Sounder System, CO2/H2O Flux Observation System, Boundary Layer Doppler Lidar, Particle Particles Spectroscopic Instrument (3nm-20μm), High Performance Data Collector, Water Slider 9. Environmental monitoring instrument manufacturing: SO2 automatic sampler and analyzer, NOX and NO2 automatic sampler and analyzer, O3 automatic monitor, CO automatic monitor, flue gas and PM2.5 dust sampler and sampling cutter, portable toxic and harmful Gas analyzer, automatic analyzer of organic pollutants in the air, COD automatic on-line monitor, BOD automatic on-line monitor, turbidity on-line monitor, DO online monitor, TOC on-line monitor, ammonia nitrogen on-line monitor, radiation dose detector , ray analysis tester, heavy metal online monitoring equipment, online biological toxicity water quality early warning monitoring equipment 10. Hydrological data acquisition, processing and transmission, and flood warning equipment and equipment manufacturing 11. Marine exploration monitoring equipment and equipment manufacturing: underwater and underwater cameras and underwater cameras, multi-beam detectors, middle and shallow stratigraphy profile detectors, walk-in temperature and saline depth detectors, magnetic flux gate compasses, hydraulic winches, underwater seals Electronic connector, efficiency >90% reverse osmosis desalination energy recovery device, marine ecosystem monitoring buoy, profile detection buoy, single-use conductivity temperature and depth measurement instrument (XCTD), on-site water quality measurement instrument, intelligent Marine water quality monitoring chemical sensors (continuous 3 to 6 months), electromagnetic current meter, acoustic Doppler current profiler (self-contained, direct reading, and marine), conductivity temperature depth profiler, acoustic response release Instrument, ocean deep sea tide measurement system (laying the sea floor).

Sodium Tripolyphosphate

Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Na5P3O10, Molecular weight 367.86, white powder; Melting point 622 °C. free soluble in water, aqueous solution appears ACID. It has got salient chelating capacity to metal ions of Ca and Mg etc. and can soften hard water to make suspension into solution, alkalinity, without causticity. It is an inorganic compound with formula Na5P3O10, is the sodium salt of the polyphosphate penta-anion, which is the conjugate base of triphosphoric acid.Sodium tripolyphosphate is produced by heating stoichiometric mixture of disodium phosphate, Na2HPO4, and monosodium phosphate, NaH2PO4, under carefully controlled conditions.
It has different bulk density, i.e. low density 0.35-0.6g/cm 3 , medium density 0.6-0.8g/cm3 and high density 0.8-1.0g/cm3. This product has two crystalline forms, namely phase I (high temperature phase) and phase II (low temperature phase). The chemical properties of the two phases are the same, and the difference between them lies in the thermostability, hygroscopicity, solubility and hydration heat when dissolving.
It can be used as one of the main auxiliaries for synthetic Detergent, synergist for soap; water softener, tanning agent for leather making, auxiliary for dyeing; As an effective dispersion agent for suspensions of coatings, kaolin, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate and drilling mud etc.
As an oil contamination resistance agent in paper production; As in foodstuff industry it is used as quality improver in the process of canned food, fruit juice drinks, foodstuffs from milk or soybeans. It may tender the meat in canned ham and soften the skin of horse bean in canned horse bean. It may also serves as a softener or densifier in foodstuff industry.

Sodium Tripolyphosphate,Stpp Food Grade,Washing Powder Stpp,Detergents Preservatives

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