Vehicles need to be cautious after a car accident occurs

A friend drove a commercial vehicle on a business trip, suddenly encountered a rear-end accident on the way, because the time was too late to drag the vehicle to the 4S shop for maintenance. However, after a long period of time, the 4S shop did not inform him about any repairs to the commercial vehicle. Then he called it back and scrutinized it. He instantly wanted to cry. Because the manager in the 4S shop told him that the water tank of the friend's commercial vehicle had water tank leakage before the end of the rear-end, and may not have noticed too much. After the accident, the commercial vehicle will continue to drive. , and then it led to a serious explosion of the cylinder. In fact, the problems caused by the rear-end accident are not very serious, but because of the explosion of the cylinder, the cylinder of the commercial vehicle needs to be replaced again. Therefore, the maintenance cost is now higher than before. Several times.

商务车出现爆缸事故后  挪车需要慎重

Then, according to some terms and conditions of the vehicle, because the friend's commercial vehicle has been driving for a long time after the accident that has caused a rear-end collision, it has also led to an increase in its loss. Therefore, the insurance company does not claim compensation. This is equal to the fact that, in addition to being just the beginning of the compensation costs caused by the accident, the insurance company can claim compensation, but because of the explosion of the part of the accident, it is necessary for him to pay personally.

If the commercial vehicle's cooling system has experienced a failure, it will continue to drive the vehicle. If the vehicle's engine piston will be heated and bent and expand, it will quickly give the cylinder to the engine. Crashes, and even serious fires may occur. Therefore, whether it is a commercial vehicle or other types of vehicles, once there is a traffic accident, if you want to start the vehicle again, then you still need to carefully check the situation under the vehicle to avoid other excessive economic losses. For example, carefully inspect the vehicle's cooling system for leaks, or the operation of the cooling system, as well as chassis, tires, and so on.

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