What is the operating procedure for small tank trucks?

Under normal circumstances, the operation rules for small tanker trucks are divided into three parts, the preparation before use, the operation during use, and the inspection work after use. What is the specific work of these three parts? Today, it is up to Xiao Bian. Explain one by one for everyone.


First: Preparation before use

First of all, we want to insert the conductive rod device of the small tank truck into the ground. Generally, we choose to insert it in a relatively humid place. However, if we encounter dry ground, we need to burn hot water and make the whole floor wet. . The next step is to check the ground chain so that it can successfully make complete contact with the ground. The next step is to open the door of the tanker's control box and check that its valves have been safely in contact with the ground. Then we need to check the oil level. We usually use the screw hole to the oil level to reach the standard below. If not, we can achieve the standard by adding gear oil. The last step is to check the joystick so that it is in a neutral position. Also check the orientation of the handle so that it is in the horizontally right position.

Second: Operation in Use

In use, first of all need to open all the pipes just linked, start the engine, to make the original car pressure gauge number reaches the standard value, start the power take-off box and then start to operate the switch of the small tanker , gently release the clutch, so that It is in gear. The throttle controller was then used to help us control the operating speed of the oil pump. The next step is to push the accelerator controller into continuous adjustment. When it is adjusted to the minimum, then step on the clutch and turn the power take-off control switch to the initial position to complete the operation.


Third: Check after use

After use, we need to check whether the operation switch of the power take-off device just operated has been adjusted back to the original position. Check whether the controller of the throttle is in the minimum position and check whether the valve handle is adjusted to the closed position. Finally, close the control box door, pull the conductive rod back, place a safe position, and control the tank truck system.

The above is the specific content of the operation of the small tanker before, during and after use. Small oil tank drivers must pay special attention to these aspects, because every inspection of the project is to consider the safety of the driver and the safety of the driver.

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