Yrt-3 Drug Melting Point Testing Apparatus

Model NO.: YRT-3
Origin: Zhengzhou, Henan
HS Code: 9031809090
YRT-3 drug melting point tester
Main Use
YRT-3 Melting Point Tester has the capillary tube as the sample tube, transferring heat mode by liquid and microcomputer control to heat, reliable, of high precision on temperature control. YRT-3 Melting Point Tester is used to detect the melting point of organic crystallite substances with high degree of accuracy, widely applied in manufacture and R&D of many fields, such as pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, spicery industry, dyestuff industry, and etc .
Record values of the beginning of melting point and the end of melting point
Display current temperature
Temperature preset
Test preset value saved for next run
Beep to prompt at one minute ensuring liquid temperature steady after preset temperature is reached
Three work mode: reset, prepare and test
Begin key and end key can record melting point of two samples

Measurement range:  Room temperature to 270ºC
Temp Rising Rate:  0.5ºC/min,1.0ºC/min,1.5ºC/min,3.0ºC/min  or 1.0ºC/min,2.0ºC/min,2.5ºC/min,2.8ºC/min,3.0ºC/min
Repeatability:  ≤ ±0.5ºC, < 200ºC; ≤ ±1.0ºC, >200ºC
Overall dimensions:  280x 180x330(mm)
Weight:  5kg

Melting point is the temperature of something turning to liquid from solid. Testing it is the main method to detect some characters such as purity etc.
RY series are suitable for testing Melting points of drug, spice and dye etc.

Applicable standard
 Corporate standard(Thickness tester) Q/12XQ0185-2010
 Test temperature with standard mercury thermometer.
 Adjust heating voltage by a knob.
 Display voltage with a analog voltmeter.
 Observe Melting sample by a magnifier.
 Test three samples at once.
 Range of melting point (50~300)ºC
 Accuracy ±1.0ºC
 Usage temperature (15~35)ºC
 Rate (1.0,2.0,4.0,6.0)ºC/min
 Power of the heater 100W
 Power 220V/ 50Hz/ 100W
 Dimension (190*120*200)mm3

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