Did the humanity in the "Industry 4.0" era have any effect?

Did the humanity in the "Industry 4.0" era have any effect?

"Made in China 2025" is the action plan for China's implementation of the strategy of building a strong nation for the first decade. "Intelligent Manufacturing" is positioned as the main attack direction.

Corporate leaders attach great importance to the intelligentization of equipment and production lines. Funds are invested in the informatization, automation, and intelligent transformation of equipment and production lines, and actively build pilot projects of “Smart Factory”. The most proud thing for business leaders is that in the past, I needed more than 20 people in the workshop. Now I only need one job manager to do it. Replacing people with machines and equipment has become a fashion. In many occasions, equipment intelligence has become a magic wand, and the role of humans seems to be neglected.

How should we look at the role of producer-person? A large number of on-site management personnel, engineering technicians and industrial workers have rich experience and skillful skills. They are very familiar with their positions and full of emotions. They love and respect their jobs and cherish their work. Is their true value really inferior to a smart machine?

Calculating such an account for an enterprise, transforming the production line, and generating benefits from the purchase of smart equipment, training, running-in, and formal operation often require a large amount of capital costs and time costs, eliminating or changing job site management personnel, engineering technicians, and industrial workers. It takes a lot of labor costs. Between entering and retreating, the gap is huge.

Did humans have any effect in the "Industry 4.0" era? (Image from Baidu Images)
The current domestic economic situation is tight, and these costs are no small burden for enterprises. If we can fully tap people's potential, greatly increase their efficiency, further improve their capabilities, and revitalize existing hardware and software equipment without large-scale transformation, the benefits to enterprises will be unlimited. Moreover, it also makes a great contribution to a harmonious society and the stability of the country.

Have we ever thought that man is actually the smartest and most intelligent device created by the Creator. Basically, big data is created by people. Smart devices are also created by people. The era of "smart manufacturing" is coming. It is also necessary to pay attention to the role of human beings.

Let us imagine another "smart factory", which of course depends on the increasingly mature Internet technology. However, the logic unit of the entire plant internet is people and tasks, not equipment and meters. Each worker in the factory is digitized in the network. Each person's information includes his duties, skills, experience, working hours, work place and health status, and even his public holiday time is included.

Each task of the factory will also be digitized in the network. The information of each task includes the professional, specific content, degree of difficulty, mission location, mission time, and time-consuming. Relying on the Internet to establish the relationship between people and tasks, through the optimization of choices, to maximize the potential of the staff. People are inherently excellent devices, but they are also the easiest and most prosaic devices. Through Internet big data, people's resources will be well integrated.

In addition, all the people’s experience and skills are knowledgeable and itemized, stored in corresponding databases and continuously improved, spread widely through the Internet, and achieved sharing to maximize their effectiveness.

Smart manufacturing does not necessarily require equipment intelligence. The promotion of people through the Internet and big data should also become an important part of smart manufacturing. (Source: National Science and Technology Achievements Network)

Did humans have any effect in the "Industry 4.0" era?

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