Yuchai will use innovation to prop up the extraordinary 2016

On February 25, 2016, Yuchai Group held a publicity and cultural work conference in Power Building to summarize the propaganda and cultural work in 2015 and deploy 2016 publicity and cultural work. At the same time, they commended advanced collectives and individuals emerging from propaganda and cultural work. As well as outstanding works of employees, the Group also discussed the construction of the group's corporate culture. The conference called on the whole group to take innovation as the core and advance with the times to promote the propaganda and cultural work in 2016.

Yuchai Group Holds Propaganda and Cultural Work Conference in Power Building

Chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai Group Co., Ltd. Yu Ping, president of Gu Tangsheng, president of Yuchai Co., Ltd. Wu Qiwei and other company leaders, heads of all units, propaganda and cultural workers attended the meeting.

2015 is the year of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, and it is also a key year for the Group to further promote “Second Venture”. The Group’s propaganda and cultural team is guided by the operating principle of “Building Platforms to Promote Transformation and Build System to Increase Efficiency” and the Party Party Committee's “Strengthening the Spirit of Talents to Promote Development” as its guide, creatively carrying out propaganda work, improving propaganda platform construction, and enhancing propaganda planning and innovation The brand publicity has greatly improved the quality of the propaganda team and the effectiveness of the propaganda; the Group’s corporate culture construction, the green value system, and the EAP employee care project have also achieved remarkable results, creating a favorable atmosphere for the Group’s transformation and upgrading, and inspiring employees to work. Enthusiasm and creativity.

The conference deployed the propaganda and cultural work in 2016. In the new year, it will focus on “innovation”, highlight the guiding role of propaganda and the leading role of culture, and carry out various tasks creatively. In addition to sharing the publicity experience, the participants discussed topics such as how the group culture leads Yuchai’s strategic development, how to do a good job in the construction of a functional culture, and how the subsidiary company can do a good job in cultural management. During the period, Wu Qiwei, president of Yuchai, introduced his thoughts on the corporate culture of the company's stock system. Gu Tangsheng, president of Yuchai Group, at the group level introduced his thinking on corporate culture construction.

Yan Ping made a concluding speech. He praised the spokesmen of the subsidiaries, factories, and department leaders for their special and careful speeches, affirmed the excellent genes of the group corporate culture, and assessed that the corporate culture construction level of the group has risen to a certain height. At the same time, it put forward requirements for the construction of corporate culture in the new era. Junping said that in the new era, the corporate culture construction of the group must advance with the times. It is necessary to use innovative ideas to pass on a good culture and to increase the elements of responsibility, dedication, and integration. Yan Ping stressed that the executives of the two companies are the determinators of corporate culture strategy. All managers are the promoters of corporate culture implementation. The subsidiary company's management team and the Party Committee's work department are the most important implementers of the corporate culture construction subject. The important task of corporate culture construction in the new era is to seriously study the cultural construction experience of advanced companies at home and abroad, earnestly listen to the suggestions of the employees for corporate culture construction, inherit and innovate, build advanced corporate culture, and abandon parts that cannot keep up with the development of the times. And in the process to identify the drawbacks and root causes, step by step to do a good job in corporate culture construction, and make it fall.

The conference also commended the advanced collectives and individuals for propagating culture. Ning Xingyong, Ye Bin, Li Tiansheng, Li Chengjie and other company leaders presented awards to award-winning companies and individuals. Among them, 10 units including Wufachang, Sanfa Plant, and Yuchai Distribution Division were rated as the advanced units in the group's propaganda work. Yang Mingze, Wen Zhenghua, Cao Wanwan, and Shen Jiawei were rated as excellent news editors, Huang Ling, and Li Shaodong. 20 others were rated as excellent correspondents. The Five Factories was promoted to a demonstration base for the construction of a four-star corporate culture. Yuchai Petroleum Lubricants and Yuchai Division were promoted to serve as demonstration bases for the construction of a three-star corporate culture. Yuchai United Power was named as the fifth batch of corporate culture demonstration projects. Base; Engineering Research Institute, Yuchaima Petroleum Lubricants won the first prize for the action results of the Green Value System.

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