Eye-catching artifact! Hongchang Pegasus Crane Shine Wuhan CCVS 2017

At 9:00 on November 4, CCVS 2017 China International Commercial Vehicle Show officially opened at the Wuhan International Expo Center. Hongchang Tianma rigging booth is located at B503. The booth is extremely hot at the scene. In addition to a wealth of on-site interactive activities, the Hongchang Tianma truck is the real “shoulder-catching artifact”!

The special equipment division of the new Hongchang Heavy Industry Group exhibited 5 types of cranes, namely Hongchang Tianma HCZ910, HCF50-2, HCS300A, HCS200A and FASSI F155.

Hongchang Pegasus Crane Shine Wuhan CCVS 2017

Hongchang Pegasus HCZ910 large-tonnage crane

Eye-catching highlights: "Very strong, industry leaders" - Hongchang Pegasus HCZ910 large-tonnage crane

Among them, the Hongchang Tianma HCZ910 is a large-tonnage crane with a torque of 90 tons. It is also the main product of the new Hongchang Heavy Industry Group's exhibition. It was praised by the media as "a strong diamond, an industry leader."

Hongchang Pegasus HCZ910 large-tonnage folding arm crane, with a negative angle of 10°, is easily capable of handling heavy equipment in low-rise buildings.

Hongchang Tianma HCF50-2 self-drilling intelligent garbage truck

Eye-catching highlights two: can grasp the energy can be loaded with the "universal sanitation crane" - Hongchang Tianma HCF50-2 self-scratch intelligent garbage truck

Hongchang Tianma HCF50-2 is a "self-catch intelligent garbage truck" with intelligent dedicated carrier equipment for garbage collection, bulk material grabbing, lifting, material transport, container dumping and other functions.

As a self-catch smart garbage truck, the Hongchang Tianma HCF50-2 is also equipped with a wireless remote control device. The use of multiple "black technologies" makes this self-propelled intelligent garbage truck easier to operate and more powerful. Can grasp the ability to install self-unloading, is a well-deserved "all-around sanitation hanging."

Straight arm crane with full upgrade of design, material and performance

Eye-catching highlights: 12-ton, 8-ton straight-arm crane with full upgrade of design, material and performance - Hongchang Tianma HCS300A and HCS200A

Hongchang Tianma HCS300A and HCS200A, is a new generation of Hengchang Tianma straight arm crane products, upgraded from 12 tons, 8 tons of old products, with octagonal boom cross section and a large working range.

FASSI (Fast) F155

Eye-catching highlight four: high-end imported folding crane - FASSI (Fast) F155

FASSI (Fast) F155 is a 6-ton folding crane produced by FASSI (Fast), an Italian partner of Hongchang Tianma Trucks. The crane's original imported, superior performance, quality assurance, welcomed by the domestic high-end market. (This article comes from Xinhongchang)

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