Maoming Petrochemical produces 1 million tons of ethylene

Since the beginning of this year, Maoming Petrochemical overcame the adverse effects of two major overhauls of the cracking unit and the cracking gas of the 2# cracking unit, which caused high turbine vibrations. Through the implementation of the model furnace reformation, the 1# cracking unit depropylene tower technical transformation and the 1# cracking unit added light Measures such as hydrocarbon preheaters, as of 8:00 am on December 6, cumulatively produced 1,061,300 tons of ethylene, and production increased by 7.40% year-on-year, including an average daily production of 31.53 million tons in September, setting a record high. Technical and economic indicators such as ethylene yield, diene yield, etc., both increased substantially from last year. From January to November, the ethylene yield and diene yield cumulatively increased by 1.04 and 1.24 percentage points year-on-year, respectively; cracking loss rate and ethylene burning rate. The cumulative energy consumption decreased by 0.09 percentage points and 19.34 units year-on-year, which was the best level within the industry.

Maoming Petrochemical Chemical Co., Ltd. subdivisions and refines each day's production, starting from the aspects of strengthening professional management, improving inspection quality, strengthening process control, ensuring stable operation, etc., rationally scheduling production, reducing losses, and effectively increasing ethylene production.

The Maoming Petrochemical Chemical Division organized the revision and improvement of the professional management system to make the management systems more targeted, practical, and operational, and on this basis, intensified the inspection and assessment of the implementation of the system. Implementing the professional management system as the main line in the “Weekly Inspection and Assessment”, combining the professional goals and tasks, the control points of the system content, the professional management priorities of the phases, and the requirements of the superiors, persisting in the “One-Week Theme” management assessment, conscientiously implementing inspections and improving management efficiency. To ensure uninterrupted production.

In order to encourage employees to conduct serious inspections, stringent operations, and innovation and optimization, Maoming Petrochemical Chemical Division carried out thematic labor competition activities such as “I want to be safe” in the team to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment at high loads to ensure maximum ethylene production. Ensure continuous improvement of all indicators.

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