Cost prediction concept

Mineral beneficiation plant cost, affected by factors beneficiation process, equipment selection, nature of the ore, production technology, production management and scheduling, etc., cost forecasting is analyzed dependence of various factors and cost. To do a good job of cost forecasting, we must carefully analyze the optional test data, the conditions of the ore supply and the nature of the ore, the relevant statistical data, the combination of development prospects and various corresponding measures, as well as certain scientific methods. The cost level and cost target of the period are measured, analyzed and foreseen, which makes the concentrator and cost management work more in line with the requirements of objective laws.

Plate Flange Raised Face is very often see in DIN EN1092-1 BS4504 and JIS B2220 KS B1503 flanges standards, also ANSI B16.5 Class 150 and 300 are most for ring plate raised face. EN1092-1 type 01 and type b1 for raised face Plate Flange, plate flange raised face for PLRF flange pressure for PN10 PN16 PN25 PN40

Plate Flange Raised Face

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