Vas Paklov Vanadium Plant in Middelburg, South Africa

Vasparklof factory in Middelburg

The plant was commissioned in 1974. The Bushweed mine is also used as a raw material. The ingredients (%) are as follows:




TiO 2

SiO 2






The ore is firstly crushed to 30mm, dried, and then ground to 70%-0.09mm. Glauber's salt is added and granulated with Na 2 SO 4 to give a particle size of 10 to 12 mm. It is first dried on a grate machine, preheated to 900 ° C, and then calcined at 1270 ° C for 60-110 min in a rotary kiln, and the conversion rate is greater than 92%. It is believed that the use of V 5 + in the liquid reflux to catalyze the calcination can promote the conversion of trivalent vanadium and thenardite in the ore to soluble V 2 O 5 . The SiO 2 in the ore has a significant effect on the vanadium leaching rate. It can be seen from 1 that SiO 2 is more than 2.5%, which has a significant adverse effect. The combination of alkali and silicic acid increases with increasing temperature and time.

Fig.1 Effect of silicon oxide on vanadium leaching rate

1- Add 7% Na 2 SO 4 ; 2 - Add 14% Na 2 SO 4

The calcined pellets are leached by countercurrent in the large-scale leaching tower connected in series, and the temperature has a significant influence on the leaching rate, as shown in Fig. 2. Increasing the temperature to 125 ° C can significantly shorten the leaching time.

Figure 2 Effect of leaching temperature on vanadium leaching rate

The obtained leach solution contains 35 to 70 g/LV, about 1 g/L SiO 2 , and the suspension is 3 to 7 g/L. Al 2 (SO 4 ) 3 was added in addition to silicon in an amount of 1.2 mol per mol of SiO 2 .

When adding vanadium, the amount of (NH 4 ) 2 SO 4 is 1.2 mol per mol of V 2 O 5 , pH=7.5-9, and the temperature is 25-35 ° C, and the obtained ammonium metavanadate contains Na 2 O less than 0.1%. Decomposed in a rotary kiln and melted into V 2 O 5 fuses for sale.

With magnetic iron ore directly vanadium and titanium oxide, sodium roasting, leaching the slag when high sodium, iron should not be reused as a raw material, iron material or only partially used, a major drawback of this law.

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