Fast Retarder fully meets new market needs

In response to the new requirements of the new national standard on the installation of retarder products for vehicles, the Fast Group has accelerated the pace of product technology and technological innovation in a timely manner. Recently, the company's newly-increased annual output of 4,000 sets of hydraulic retarder technology transformation project has been successfully completed and put into mass production, marking the new generation of hydraulic retarder new products independently developed by Fast has not only broken the foreign companies in the country. Heavy-duty vehicle braking is a monopoly of the market, and it fully meets the new demand for efficient deceleration and braking of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles with its competitive advantages in scale.

The new national standard of GB7258-2012 "Technical Conditions for Operational Safety of Motor Vehicles" implemented on September 1, 2012 stipulates: "Trucks, dangerous goods transport vehicles with more than 12 tons, and road buses and tourist buses with vehicle lengths greater than 9 meters will be mandatory. Installation of retarder or other auxiliary brake device.” As a company that entered the slower market of commercial vehicles earlier in the country, Fast has taken advantage of market opportunities and is currently developing and producing hydraulic retarder products. The Jinlong, Xiamen Jinlong, Jinhua Youth, Anhui Ankai, Liuzhou Yaxing, Yutong, Shaanxi Automobile, Sichuan Automobile, Beiqi Foton, Shanxi Dayun, and JAC Heavy Trucks are supporting the mainstream models of nearly 20 passenger and truck manufacturers.

With excellent quality and good reputation, the technical strength and competitive strength of Fast Retarder products in the passenger and truck sectors are increasingly prominent. Recently, with the phase-one technical transformation project of the company's hydraulic retarder put into mass production, the second phase project has also entered the equipment installation and commissioning stage. The second-phase project plans to produce 12,000 hydraulic retarders annually, which will lay a more solid foundation for companies to achieve scale, all-round, and high-quality development in the retarder field.

Heating Plate

Heating Plate Product Features

1.High speed heating ,temperature constancy, more than 30 years service life.

2.electricity conservation,The electricity won't over kilowatt hour when opened for an hour

3.anti-slip figure on the plate ,prevent sliping for piglet.

4. No electricity leakage, The stainless steel wire around the margin to prevent piglet biting, safety without electricity leakage.

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