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Structural features The VEC cavalry reconnaissance vehicle is an all-welded aluminum body. The frontal arc-shaped structure can prevent 7.62mm×51 armor-piercing bullets. Other parts can prevent 7.62mm bullets, and some parts also use gap armor.
The driver is located in the left front of the vehicle and has a hatch that opens to the right. There are three front-view periscopes on the front of the cover, and the middle one can be replaced with an infrared or low-light periscope at night.
The VEC cavalry reconnaissance vehicle can use various types of turrets such as Oerlikon-Buehrle GBD-COA or GAD-BOA. It can be equipped with various machine guns from 7.62 to 12.7mm and various guns from 20 to 90mm. The turret is installed between the first two bridges and is located in the center of the car body. The VEC cavalry reconnaissance vehicle serving on the Spanish Army installed the OTO Melara T25 twin turret equipped with a KBA25mm gun and a 7.62mm parallel machine gun.
The power cabin is on the left side of the rear of the vehicle body. In and out air shutters are on the roof of the vehicle. A silencer is installed on the left side of the body, and the power compartment has a hatch.
The right side of the car has 1 occupant position behind the turret, with 1 right-handed single-leaf hatch and 1 periscope on the top. There will be one more occupant position, with a single-leaf hatch and three periscopes that will open later. There is a door on the right side of the body.
The three bridges of the VEC cavalry reconnaissance vehicle are all designed and manufactured by Picasso and are double deceleration type with self-locking differential. Each wheel has a self-adjustable independent suspension, allowing a maximum stroke of 275mm.
The standard equipment includes a toolbox, a semi-automatic fire extinguishing system for the winch and power cabin, and two 5kg portable fire extinguishers.
The optional equipment includes three defense devices, two water jet thrusters and wave boards, a winch, a communication system, a navigation system, a 14.00×20 tire, a run-flat tire, and an air conditioning system. [1]

The modified vehicle VEC cavalry reconnaissance vehicle can be used as a launch vehicle for anti-aircraft vehicles and anti-tank missiles. It had been equipped with a 90-m double turret from Hispano-Suza in France. [1]

Performance data crew: 5 people
Driving type: 6×6
Full weight of battle: 1375kg
Heavy load
Front axle: 5000kg
Center axis: 4450kg
Rear axle: 4300kg
Unit power: 16.4kW/t
Captain: 6.250m
Car width: 2.500m
Vehicle height (to the top of the body): 2.000
Floor height: 0.400m
Wheelbase: 1.650 + 1.650 (m)
Approach angle: 50°
Departure angle: 45°
Maximum speed
Highway: 106km/h
Water (wheel drive): 3km/h
Water (propulsion thruster): 9km/h
Fuel reserve: 400L
Maximum travel time of the road: 800km
Climbing degree: 60%
Roll slope: 30%
Height of vertical wall: 0.6m
The width is wider: 1.5m
Turning radius: 7.5m
Production company: Pegaso
Type: Inline 6 cylinder turbocharged diesel
Power/rotation speed: 228kW/2200r/min
Transmission Model: ZF6HP500
Type: Automatic Transmission
Forward/Reverse: 6/1
Torque converter and hydraulic auxiliary brake
Production company: ZF company
Steering device type: First and third axis hydraulic power assistance
Tire size: 13×20 (or 14×20)
Suspension type: MaePhearson
Liquid air independent suspension
Main brake: Air assisted dual-line hydraulic disc
Parking brake: Disc type, acting on drive shaft
Emergency brake: hydraulic air operation
Electrical System Village: 24V
Number of batteries / voltage / capacity: 2 / 12V / 140Ah [1]

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