Four high-end pickup competitions: Who do you love the Great Wall, Jianghuai, Tianhu and Tulu?

In 2017, there were two more pickups entering the city. Has the person with a pickup complex already eager to try it? This time, the first commercial vehicle network Xiaobian introduced to you the four pickup trucks with bare car prices ranging from 80,000 yuan to 1,200 yuan. They are Great Wall Fengjun 6, Jianghuai Shuailing T6, Jiangling domain tigers and Fukuda expander E3. . Loved by pickups and friends who pay attention to off-road performance, we must pay attention!

Price: Four-wheel drive is generally more than 100,000

In December 2016, the new Wind Jun 6 pickup was officially launched. From the data of the Great Wall official website, we can see that the Great Wall Fengjun 6 has launched eight models equipped with two types of power, and the price range is between 86,800 and 144,800 yuan. Among them, the 2.4L manual version of the four-wheel drive elite selling price of 96,800 yuan.

In comparison, the "black horse" handsome bell T6, which has grown significantly by 96% in 2016, is slightly lower in price. The two types of handsome bell T6 displayed in its dealer Beijing Luhe Development Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. are 1.8 meters long buckets and 1.5 meters bucket buckets, and the two products are two-axle vehicles. The prices are respectively : Changdou version of the price of 88,800 yuan, short-suit version of the price of 86,800 yuan.

According to Wu Lu, head of sales of Beijing Luhe Development Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., the 2016 model domain tiger was listed in the first half of last year. There are two types of power, eight models, and two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options, priced at 96,800 - Between 13.68 million yuan, the 2.4T four-wheel drive version sold for 117,800 yuan.
Similarly, the Fukuda Lander E3 is also divided into two drives and four-wheel drive, but the price difference is as much as 20,000 yuan. Among them, the two-wheel drive version of the naked car price between 78,000 -8.1 million (78,000 yuan for the lowest allocation), four-wheel drive in the 10 million.

Motivation: domain tiger power foot handsome bell T6 most fuel-efficient

In terms of power, Fengjun 6 is equipped with the Great Wall GW4D20B turbocharged diesel engine; the Shuailing T6 is equipped with JAC's own production power; the Pioneer E3 is equipped with the Isuzu BJ493ZLQ4 diesel engine; and the Jiangling domain tiger is powered by the Mitsubishi 4G69MPI gasoline engine. The engines used in these models are all the best-selling power models.

For the transmission system, all four models are equipped with manual gearboxes. Among them, the Jiangling domain tiger and the extension of the E3 is a 5-speed manual gearbox; Fengjun 6 is a 6-speed gearbox; the handsome bell T6 is available with a 5-speed or 6-speed gearbox.

In terms of fuel consumption, the fuel consumption of the Great Wall Fengjun 6 is about 10L for a hundred kilometers, while the fuel consumption per 100km for the Shuailing T6 is about 10.5L. "Compared with competing products, the Suzuki T6's fuel consumption is relatively low, and full of motivation." Wu said.

Jiangling domain tiger equipped with Mitsubishi engine, off-road performance is relatively good, its 100 km fuel consumption up and down in 12L. "This car is recognized as a suitable for off-road driving, of course, pull goods, running sites can also be satisfied."

In addition, according to the first commercial vehicle reporter, the fuel consumption per 100 km of the four-wheel drive extension lander E3 and the Jiangling domain tiger is similar, and the fuel consumption per 100 km is between 11-12L.

Bearing capacity: handsome bell T6, top lander E3 can install wind Jun 6 heavyest load

In terms of carrying capacity, the Great Wall Fengjun 6 and the Jiangling domain tiger were slightly “petty”; the handsome bell T6 long bucket version and the Tuoguan E3 had a bucket length of 1800mm or more, and the cargo space was even greater.

Among the four pickup trucks, the Great Wall Fengjun 6 has the largest load capacity of 575kg; the remaining three models are almost the same, all around 500kg. It is worth mentioning that Shuai Ling T6 also applied protective coating on the container to prevent vehicle damage, corrosion, and rust.

Other configurations: Shuai Ling T6 and Feng Jun 6 configured to expand the land wide audience

Compared with Fengjun 5, Fengjun 6 has upgraded and optimized in many aspects. The first is that the interior is more car-oriented and the vehicle configuration has also increased. “Such as reversing images, GPS, MP5 and other multimedia systems, leather seats, multifunction leather steering wheel with integrated cruise control and car Bluetooth systems.” said Mr. Wang, head of sales of the Beijing Bo Shilian Automobile Sales Center. “The car is also With four-wheel disc brake system, the braking performance is better than Fengjun 5, and this car has met the national five emission standards."

"Jianghuai T6 mainly wins at a reasonable price and high configuration. Its price/performance ratio is one of the few in its class and it is also our best selling car in the shop," said Wu. Because of this, the handsome bell T6 is placed squarely in the most prominent position in the center of the 4S shop. "Shuailing T6 is equipped with leather seats, leather multi-function steering wheel, Bluetooth navigation, reverse video, dual airbags, cruise control, electric glass, side pedals and engine anti-theft system."

Compared to the handsome bell T6 and the Great Wall Fengjun 6, Jiangling domain tiger's configuration has "shrink". “This basic model has fewer dual airbags, reverse images, pedals and multi-function steering wheels compared to the Shuailing T6, but other basic configurations are also available. Customers can also choose according to their individual needs. "Manager Wu introduced.

Fukuda Topo E3's high-level and low-level versions have very different configurations and target different audiences. The configuration of its low-end two-wheel drive version is closer to that of a truck. It does not have container protection coatings, leather seats, reversing images, side pedals, and GPS. It is more suitable for municipal vehicles such as urban management and construction sites. However, this low-grade model can also be equipped with leather seats, airbags, and ABS. The price is expected to increase by around 3,000 yuan.

Compared to the two-wheel drive version, the price of 10 million in the four-wheel drive version of the lander E3, equipped with a GPS, reversing images, leather seats, etc., users can also choose the side pedal and other devices based on personal circumstances. It is understood that the current car in Beijing Shengkai Jinnuo Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. is in the state of selling out of stock, and the in-store display has been sold out.

After-sales service: Feng Jun and Shuai Ling enjoy 3 years 200,000 km long warranty

Warranty period comparison

Some people say that there are customers after customers and the beginning of sales is the beginning of sales.

Some people often complain, "It's hard to buy a car."

So, what are the four pick-up truck-type after-sales services that this reporter compares?

In terms of after-sales warranty, Great Wall Fengjun 6 can enjoy 3 years or 200,000 kilometers long warranty service. Among them, the vehicle warranty is 3 years or 60,000 kilometers, and the key parts have a maximum warranty of 3 years or 200,000 kilometers.

Jianghuai Automobile also implemented a three-year, 200,000-kilometer long warranty on the handsome Bell T6. Its service network has spread all over the country, and there are nearly 1,000 service outlets that can meet the maintenance and repair of handsome bell T6 users.

The warranty period of Foton Extension Luer E3 is 3 years or 100,000 kilometers, and the distribution of service and repair stations is relatively intensive.

In addition, the Congjiangling automobile official maintenance manual can understand that Jiangling domain tiger can enjoy a 2 year or 50,000 kilometer warranty, and the vehicle can travel 3000 kilometers or 60 days from the date of purchase, you can go to the local Jiangling car special maintenance site to do Free first insurance.

Overall, each car has its own differences. Thousands of dollars are hard to buy. The purchase of vehicles is ultimately determined by the customer's personal needs and personal preferences.

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