Korea developed a phosphor-free white LED

KAIST's professor of physics research team successfully developed the technology to produce phosphor-free white LED, which is expected to be used in next-generation lighting and displays.

At present, the majority of white LEDs combine blue phosphors with blue LEDs or white LEDs with a combination of multi-colored LEDs. However, yellow phosphor is a rare earth material, you must rely on imports, and the color is low, but also the possibility of discoloration. The combination of a variety of colors of LED high cost.

KAIST research team to solve this problem, the semiconductor chip to replace the phosphor. The top of the concentric pyramid structure, designed as a composite structure. The fabricated 3D structures each formed a Quantum Wells under different conditions, each emitting a different color.

The team explained how to adjust the time and conditions for making the 3D structure to change the area of ​​each crystal face to create a multi-colored LED.

The team also found a way to measure the level of current injection inside a 3D structure using a high magnification microscope. As long as the development of a method that can effectively inject current, you can adjust the LED element efficiency and color reproduction.

R & D team said that in the future through the development of 3D semiconductor process to improve efficiency, resulting in low-cost, high color reproduction single chip white light source without phosphor. Relevant research results published in the natural magazine Light: Science & Applications online version.

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