Cui Dongshu: The 2nd batch of new energy vehicle promotion catalog in 17 years lays the foundation for 50% growth

On March 1st, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced 293 batches of announcements and released the “Recommended Model Catalogue for Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles (2nd Batch in 2017)”, which included a total of 201 models of 40 companies, of which 40 were pure electric products. 157 models, plug-in hybrid products, a total of 44 models of 8 companies.

Cui Dongshu believes that the second batch of new energy vehicle promotion catalogs in 17 years will lay the foundation for a strong growth rate of 50%. Since 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has released a total of 2 batches of recommended vehicle models, including a total of 386 models of 60 companies. This is also very worthy of analysis of the data, reflecting the development trend of new energy vehicles and business operations. The mainstream electric vehicles of pure electric vehicles have greatly improved their power, economy, safety, and comfort, which is also a product improvement reflected in the catalog. The development of new energy vehicles has driven upstream and downstream industry investment, linking key links in the industrial chain of basic materials, key components, and manufacturing equipment. The battery data and other indicators reflected in this catalogue data have been significantly improved, and they are also enjoying better subsidies. The introduction of a list of new energy vehicles in the first month of the year 17 is also conducive to the smooth enjoyment of subsidies for more new energy vehicles, which reflects the gradual progress of 17 years of new energy development into normal development, especially the introduction of special vehicles. The auto market has a significant role in promoting.
1, the second batch of catalogs follow the announcement of normal release

The release of the product announcement catalog, the significance of the announcement of the product announcement catalog is even more important, after all, New Energy wants to get subsidies is to enter the promotion directory. There has been a slowdown in the release of rumors, and this release is of great significance.

The release of the new energy promotion catalog in 2017 should be relatively attractive. The original "New Energy Vehicle Recommended Model Catalogue for Promotion and Application" models (No. 1-5 lot in 2016) has been re-examined and will not be effective since January 1, 2017. This will be the basis for the promotion and application of financial subsidies for new energy vehicles. Therefore, the 17-year 1-2 batch of catalogues are the basic product resource base for the production and sales of auto enterprises after the Spring Festival.

The original list of subsidies was generally released at the beginning of the month and this time at the end of the month.

2. The number of models in the 1-2nd batch is more

"The List of Recommended Vehicles for Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles" (the first batch of 2017), including a total of 185 models of 39 enterprises, including a total of 124 models of 35 companies and 12 companies of plug-in hybrid products 60 models, fuel cell products, 1 company, 1 model. The Catalogue of Recommended Vehicles for Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles (2nd batch of 2017) includes a total of 201 models for 40 companies, of which 407 models for 40 companies in pure electric products and 8 companies for plug-in hybrid products. 44 Models.

In the second batch of passenger vehicles, 36 models accounted for 18%, 128 passenger vehicles accounted for 64%, 37 special vehicles accounted for 18%, forming a proportion of 262, which is also a feature of 60% of the passenger cars in the previous 16 years. Consistent, reversed the trend of the increase in the proportion of passenger vehicles in the first batch.
The structure of the 3rd and 17th-year directories is still super strong

The "Recommended Vehicle Catalogue for Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles" (2nd batch), in which the micro-customer models of passenger vehicles gradually entered, while the passengers' slightly-based passenger products basically withdrew. Micro passenger electric vehicles are mostly of the nature of logistics. The sequence of entering passenger cars is also beneficial to the promotion of status. If the micro-customer models in the future can also enjoy the new energy integration policy of passenger vehicles, this is a great advantage for micro-car companies. It is also conducive to the sustainable development of cross-type products for passenger cars. The development of special vehicles in the future is of little significance. After all, entering passenger cars is also a good way out.
Continuity of New Energy Vehicle Catalogue in Years 4 and 17.

The continuation of the model catalogue was less than that of the first batch, and many models in the last two batches of 16 years became the first batch of 17 years. However, 135 of the second batch of 201 models were newly declared new energy vehicles.

The catalogues before 09-15 were re-entered in the first batch of 17 years with only 2 models and the second batch with 1 model. In the first batch of 17 years, there were 155 models in the 1-5 batch of 16 years of the first batch, which became the absolute main force of the first batch of subsidies for the 17 years. The second batch of 1-5 batches of 16 models had 65 models, and the new car became the absolute main force of the first batch of subsidies for the 17 years.
3. The enthusiasm for new companies entering the new energy market is high

3.1. Product input characteristics of passenger vehicles

In the first batch of 17 years, there were 16 companies' products, of which Beiqi New Energy started to enter in 16 years. Strong performance is BYD, Beiqi and Geely Automobile. Geely Automobile was re-declared in the 17th year after 4-5 batches were not declared. The manufacturers that did not enter the subsidy list in the past 16 years were Shaanxi Tongjia, which was the list of subsidy for passenger vehicles that had been re-entered by Shaanxi Tongjia for micro-substances for 17 years after the suspected cloud subside.

In the second year of the 17th year there were 12 companies' products, of which several such as GAC started to enter the second batch in 17 years. Strong performance is Changan and Geely Automobile.
3.2. Features of the New Energy Directory of Buses

The first batch of bus companies had 76 catalogues to enter, among which Geely commercial vehicles entered the list for the first time. This is also the latest success of Geely's strategic overall development. The Kunming bus is also the embodiment of the main bus company.

In the second batch of 17 companies with 128 products entered in 17 years, these companies have entered the catalog for 16 years.
3.3. Catalog Features of Special Vehicles

The special-purpose vehicle market is a treasure that needs to be developed. It is a hot spot for development in the near future. Dongfeng, Iveco and BYD are the main manufacturers of special vehicles. The main manufacturers in the early stage are gradually marginalized.

New energy new manufacturers are very dynamic. The first new manufacturers are Anqing Andar, Geely Commercial Vehicles, and Shaanxi's new low-energy vehicles, most of which are also New Forces, which is conducive to the further development of the special-purpose vehicle market. In the second batch, there are no enterprises that have not entered 16 years.

4. The full acceleration of new energy in the passenger car market

The subsidy for passenger cars is greater than that for subsidy, but the enthusiasm for the declaration and development of new energy vehicles is still high, and the development of plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles is all-round. After the development of large passengers, the number of pure electric vehicles and plug-ins of Zhongke is very large.

Recently, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to the development of the new energy automobile industry. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the development of new energy vehicles is the only way for China to move from a big automobile country to a powerful automobile country. Premier Li Keqiang chaired a number of meetings to study the development of the new energy auto industry. The State Council has successively issued guidance on accelerating the promotion and application, and the construction of charging facilities. Various departments have successively introduced and implemented a series of supportive policies and measures to solidly advance the implementation of various tasks and promote positive results in industrial development. The introduction of the first two batches of subsidies in 17 years proves that the government has strong support for new energy vehicles. My forecast for 17 years of new energy vehicles is 750,000 units, and policies and the environment are better than expected for the development of new energy vehicles.

In fact, Yutong has already conducted a comprehensive layout. Yutong’s domestic marketing director, Wang Jianjun, stated that Yutong not only established the Intelligent Network Alliance Research Institute, but also reorganized the organizational structure of the company's technology and marketing system to provide an overall solution that better meets the needs of the market and customers. The Yutong Buseye Pro assisted driving system solution, including pedestrian collision warning, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, vehicle distance monitoring warning, and speed limit identification, will be fully applied in Yutong New Energy Bus this year.

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