German AVIA Lubricants Lands in China Market

In December 2016, AVIA, a prestigious lubricant brand in Germany, cooperated with Shandong Reyes Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. to access the Chinese market and provide German consumers with top-loading oil service.

The German AVIA brand is well known in Germany, and it not only supports many high-end cars in Germany, but also has more than 2500 gas stations in Germany and Europe, providing fuel and rest services for owners.

German lubricant brand AVIA German lubricant brand AVIA

The AVIA brand belongs to the German OEST Group. OEST is a factory specializing in the production of lubricating oils and industrial oils founded by George Ostern in Baden-Württemberg in 1915. In the early days of its establishment, it mainly produced gear oils. In 1922, AVIA succeeded in supporting the old Mercedes-Benz vehicles and started the Mercedes-Benz supporting process for nearly a hundred years. In 1934, Oster began to enter the field of gas stations and opened more than 100 gas stations in Germany. In 1939, the Oster Group was nationalized and became a military-owned enterprise, producing lubricants for aircrafts and tanks.

From 1945 to 1985, AVIA Lubricants has successively provided host equipment for BMW, Volkswagen/Audi and Porsche. From 1972 to 2015, the Oster Group has been involved in the five major fields of lubricants, fuel (gasoline, natural gas) supply, electricity, machinery, and electronics with annual sales of more than 2 billion euros.

At present, AVIA Lubricants has two plants in Germany and Switzerland. The high-end lubricants it produces reaches the world's most stringent EU ACEA standards and OEM OEM standards. The products passed the testing standards of Ford, Volvo, Renault, Mann, Deutz, Cummins and other manufacturers.

AVIA lubricants are virtually mud-free, do not contaminate catalytic converters, block catalytic converters and cause trip failures or exhaust gas detection. According to the special design of the European engine, AVIA has very little loss of lubricant oil, which effectively relieves the chronic problems of imported motor oil. In addition, the lubricating oil adheres to the surface of key engine components to form wall-hanging oil film, and instantly protects the engine during cold start. AVIA lubricants are one of the few genuine imported lubricants in China. There are no filling, no production, and no counterfeit products in mainland China.

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