What to do if the temperature of the hot and humid test chamber is abnormal

The temperature of the high and low temperature damp heat test box is abnormal. How to do the high and low temperature damp heat test box is the most common temperature test equipment in the environmental test equipment. Similar products include the high and low temperature alternating humidity test chamber, the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, and the high temperature and low humidity heat transfer. To change the test box and so on, we know that the temperature of the general high and low temperature test chamber is constant, the principle is to set a suitable temperature before the start of operation, so that the high and low temperature humidity heat test box gradually reaches the appropriate constant temperature, Therefore, the working principle of the high-low temperature damp heat test box is to maintain the same temperature control method, set a target temperature, humidity point, the test box has the ability to automatically thermostat to the target temperature, humidity point. This will be more conducive to the smooth operation of the high-low temperature damp heat test box. Now, we will refer to the high-low temperature damp heat test box to learn more about the temperature control of the high-low temperature test chamber series.
How the high-low temperature damp heat test box achieves the difference between the high temperature and low temperature and ultraviolet weather resistance test chambers. The high and low temperature damp heat test chambers have the ability to complete the test process according to the preset curve, and can be in the range of the maximum temperature increase and the cooling rate capability. And can accurately control the temperature rate, that is, according to the slope of the set curve to control the temperature, cooling rate. The high temperature control is a heating process. The heating of the high and low temperature damp heat test chamber adopts an independent heating method. The far infrared chrome-chromium alloy heats the heating wire at a high speed, and the temperature control adopts P·I·D+S·S·R system to coordinate control with the same channel. The output power is calculated by a microcomputer to achieve high-precision and high-efficiency electricity efficiency. In order to achieve a rapid temperature increase rate and high temperature, it is generally achieved by increasing the number of heating wires and increasing the temperature control software control performance. The refrigeration system of the high-low temperature damp heat test chamber adopts a unit Freon refrigeration system composed of a French-made Taikang closed compressor. The application of energy-conditioning technology to the design of the refrigeration system not only ensures the normal operation of the refrigeration unit, but also can effectively regulate the energy consumption and cooling capacity of the refrigeration system, so that the refrigeration system can be kept in the best operating condition.
When the temperature of the high-low temperature damp heat test box is abnormal When the temperature and humidity control box of the high-low temperature damp heat tester shows abnormal temperature: Check whether the over-temperature protection of the control panel is set at the position of 150°C. Check whether the circulating motor of the equipment room is not damaged. Please check whether the temperature part of the solid state relay burns out the short circuit. If the heater is not burned out, use the three-purpose power meter AC voltage range, the voltage level is open to 600 volts, and the red and black bars are placed on the line number marked T. On both sides of a solid state relay AC, set the temperature setting value of the humidity part to 0°C. At this time, the indicator of the solid state relay in the temperature part will not light up. If the measured voltage value does not change, maintain the value below 10V. Indicates that the solid state relay has burned and is in a short circuit state. The temperature control instrument of the high-low temperature damp heat test box adopts imported instruments, with PID adjustment, SSR output, rapid self-adjusting, digital display and convenient reading. The door, the working chamber and the shell are provided with high-temperature sealing strips and pressing devices, so as to effectively guarantee the sealing performance and heat preservation performance of the box. The French "Taikang" original fully enclosed compressor was chosen for the refrigeration system to ensure the low temperature stability of the high and low temperature damp heat test chamber. High-low temperature damp heat test box has over-temperature protection and control circuit overload protection, short circuit protection, safe and reliable use. The studio and sample racks are made of stainless steel. The outer box is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate and has a beautiful appearance.

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