A Good Car for Starting a Business - Those Engine Technologies on Foton Gart

In the last week's review, we had an article entitled “Enjoy your business with easy and enjoyable Foton gamut sale trucks (click to view)”. This Futian gamut's emission standard has met the national five standard. We are taking photographs of the interior of the vehicle. At that time, we found that the technology used in the engine of this car was relatively advanced. Therefore, we decided to pull the technology used on the engine of this car.

Four-cylinder 16-valve technology, this technology is now the standard configuration of the car, casually on the street to find a car, the valve on the engine is 16, of course, 16V valve is a four-cylinder engine, if it is A six-cylinder engine, then the valve is 24, 8 is 32, each valve is equipped with 4 valves, and so on. Now most of the economic cars and general commercial vehicles are using the in-line four-cylinder design, and the four-cylinder and 16-valve is to discuss it.

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The four-cylinder and eight-valve technology is the mainstream technology more than a decade ago. Of course, many years ago, most of the engines used were two-valve per cylinder, and engines with two valves per cylinder are still present, such as Motorcycle engines, for example, the large-displacement V6V8V12 camshaft engine preferred in the US market. What are the advantages of a 16-valve four-cylinder engine over an eight-valve engine?

福田伽图,流动售货  ?发动机技  ?国五排放标准,创业好车,福田伽图售货  ?(1)

As shown in the figure, we can see that with 4 valves per cylinder, the intake opening area is much larger than that of the 2 valves, so it is also faster at intake and exhaust speeds, so it is more efficient. This higher intake and exhaust efficiency design allows the engine to perform better during operation, especially at high engine speeds, and can greatly increase the engine's energy efficiency ratio.

福田伽图,流动售货  ?发动机技  ?国五排放标准,创业好车,福田伽图售货  ?(3)

Moreover, during the air entering the cylinder, because the two intake valves are more open, the air can be dispersed more quickly into the entire cylinder and mixed with the gasoline more fully. For a cylinder with only one intake valve, because the intake valve is biased at a corner of the cylinder, after the air enters the cylinder, it must take longer to fill the cylinder, and the diffusion is slower. Therefore, this is the two intake valves. Another advantage.

Of course, the number of valves is not as good as possible. The more valves, the more complex the manufacturing process, and the more complex the engine structure, the more the cost will increase in a straight line. Moreover, the reliability of the machine and its The degree of complexity is inversely proportional. The more complex the machine, the greater the chance of failure. With the current engine technology, it is already practical to have 4 valves per cylinder.

Some of the more powerful manufacturers have also installed 3 or 5 valves on the engine in order to achieve better results. Of course, these are not widely used.

Fuel injection technology, which is a system to provide fuel for the engine, the engine's operation is to rely on the mixture of air and fuel to obtain power, so the quality of the fuel injection system can directly determine the quality of an engine. At present, the engines on the market are equipped with several fuel injection technologies. The mainstream configuration of diesel engines is the high pressure common rail injection system. The mainstream configuration of gasoline engines is multi-point electric injection and direct injection in cylinders.

Multi-point EFI, the engine of the car market is now the lowest point of the multi-point EFI system, but now the in-cylinder direct injection technology has a tendency to replace the multi-point EFI, however, in the commercial vehicle market, it should be said at the low end In the commercial vehicle market, multi-point EFI is still in the process of popularization. Manufacturers, in order to save costs, account for nearly one-fifth of the total vehicle cost, and naturally it is difficult to escape. For example, for low-end mini trucks and chassis, a multi-point EFI system requires four jet nozzles, while a single-point EFI nozzle requires only one jet nozzle.

福田伽图,流动售货  ?发动机技  ?国五排放标准,创业好车,福田伽图售货  ?(5)

As can be seen in the figure, a single-point EFI nozzle is located at the total intake of the intake manifold. The injected fuel must pass through a long intake pipe before it can enter the cylinder, where oil droplets sticking in the intake pipe The waste caused by the needless to say, whether the sprayed oil mist can be evenly distributed into the cylinder is also a problem, both of which affect the performance of engine power and fuel consumption.

福田伽图,流动售货  ?发动机技  ?国五排放标准,创业好车,福田伽图售货  ?(4)

The multi-point EFI has advantages, and it is directly arranged near the intake valves of each cylinder. When the air comes in, it can bring the oil mist into the cylinder, eliminating the distance of the intake pipe and under the control of the computer. The nozzle can also spray almost the same amount of oil, and, in different speed ranges, can also adjust the nozzle's fuel injection more precisely to achieve the purpose of saving fuel.

Conclusion: Human creativity is limitless. Under the pressure of environmental pollution and oil prices and reserves, there will be more technology to upgrade the engine.

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PART NO.                                    Material                                           THICKNESS/mm        GRAIN/mm               WIDTH/mm          WEIGHT g/㎡
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