Do not resist! The 4 bad habits hurt the car

1. Kill the steering wheel

Whether it is a novice or an old driver, they all like to make a turn in the first direction. Since there is no angular velocity when the steering wheel is killed, no assistance is required. At this time, the hydraulic pump is unloaded and idling. The working pressure of the hydraulic pump can only be increased because the steering wheel rotates too fast, rather than when the steering angle is too large. At the same time, in order to prevent excessive damage to the oil pump due to excessive rotation resistance, a safety valve for limiting the maximum pressure must be installed in each hydraulic system.

Therefore, the mechanical hydraulic power steering system will not cause damage to the steering system due to the steering wheel damaging the hydraulic pump.

2. Freewheeling

Manual gearbox coasting has little effect on the transmission and the driveline. The automatic gearbox coasting is harmful to the gearbox: In the neutral state, the oil in the gearbox cannot be cooled by the oil pump circulation. A long time will cause the oil temperature to rise and burn the clutch disc.

In addition, from a mechanical point of view, it is important to note that once the vehicle is shut down in the neutral state, the engine will not be able to run in tandem with it. The power steering assistance and the brake booster, which require the help of the engine, lose their power. The consequences are imaginable.

3. Start with air conditioning

Starting with the air conditioner will have a great influence on the car battery and the engine. At the instant of starting the vehicle, the current will increase and the engine will be in a state of high load. It is best to turn off the air conditioner several minutes before the vehicle shuts off each time. This will also serve as a drying air outlet.

4. Brakes do not step on the end

When the automatic car half-steps on the brake and the brake light is on, the gear can be pushed into the P position. If the brakes are not trampled, they will be pushed directly to the P block. When the road surface is uneven, the vehicle will move a little and it will impact the transmission gear. In the long run, it is definitely not good for vehicles.

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