Introduction Hook arm garbage truck

The hook-arm garbage truck is mainly used for municipal sanitation garbage collection and urban garbage transportation, especially for the collection and transportation of residential garbage. We can also call it a detachable garbage truck. There are several garbage bins on the car. This realizes that it can work with rubbish bins in multiple locations. The back cover of the garbage bucket is a movable door that can be opened upward. To prevent the garbage in the garbage box from overflowing during the garbage transportation process, four locking devices are used to lock it. The garbage can be dumped by opening the locking device. Self-unloading fully hydraulic operation, easy to use and easy to operate. This garbage truck is more suitable for schools, communities, shopping malls and other places. What do we need to pay attention to when using the hook-arm garbage truck?

The first thing to say is that the car can't exceed the maximum shipping weight set by the factory. Simply put, it can't be overloaded. Otherwise, it will cause too much pressure when the hook arm is packed. Damage to the hydraulic components may result in oil leakage. The clutch pulley slips. In severe cases, the clutch may burn. Before carrying out the loading operation, the hook-arm garbage truck shall ensure that the longitudinal beams of the box are located between the rollers of the sub-beams, ensuring that the longitudinal centerline of the vehicle coincides with the longitudinal central axis of the box body, and the above conditions must not be completed to re-adjust the vehicle. position.

During the packing work, the throttle can be appropriately increased according to the weight of the garbage collected in the vehicle so that the garbage can be smoothly picked up. At the end of the operation, the electromagnetic clutch must be turned off in a timely manner to ensure that the electromagnetic clutch is in the clutched state, especially when the vehicle is in the off state. Otherwise, the hook arm type garbage truck battery may consume electricity quickly and cause the car to fail to start. In normal use, do not adjust the pressure of the pressure regulating valve. The manufacturer of the garbage truck has adjusted it after leaving the factory.

The advantage of the hook-arm garbage truck over the swing-arm garbage truck is that the used bin may be much larger than that of the swing-arm garbage truck, and a larger-capacity transport vehicle can be used for the low-density domestic garbage. . If there are special requirements for the hook-arm garbage truck, the garbage truck manufacturer can also make appropriate modifications. The above is a brief introduction to the hook-arm garbage truck. (Wen/Jun Xun)

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