Study on Effect of Low Temperature on Nitrogen Content of Pepper in Plant Nutrition Analyzer

In general, the nutritional status of plants is not only related to fertilizer levels, but also has a great relationship with the absorption of fertilizers by plants. Therefore, the use of plant nutrient analyzers to diagnose the nutritional status of plants can identify the causes of plant nutrient loss, and The influence of the environment on the nutrient absorption of plants can be targeted to improve the utilization of fertilizers and enhance plant nutrition.
Pepper is the most common vegetable variety and is also an important condiment raw material. People in China have an important preference for pepper. The planting area of ​​peppers is very wide, and the peppers are typical thermophilic plants. With the popularization of greenhouses, it is possible to cultivate peppers in off-season greenhouses. However, in greenhouse production, temperature is the primary factor affecting the growth of peppers, and pepper nitrogen The content of hormones is closely related to the growth of peppers. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to use plant nutrient analyzers to study the effects of low temperature on nitrogen content in peppers.
It was found through the plant nutrient analyzer that the temperature will affect the absorption and use of plant nutrient elements. On the one hand, because the root system is the primary organ for the absorption of water and nutrients by plants, it is also an important channel for the transport of nutrients in plants. Low temperature significantly reduced the absorption of nitrogen by roots and the accumulation of nitrogen in various organs, resulting in lower temperatures and lowering the vitality of the roots of peppers, resulting in reduced absorption of nitrogen. In another aspect, the nitrogen in pepper is mainly concentrated in the chloroplast, and the chlorophyll content is reduced at low temperature. As a result, the chlorophyll content of the pepper is reduced, resulting in a decrease in the photosynthesis of the pepper, which ultimately affects the normal growth of the pepper, resulting in the occurrence of phenomena such as stunting.
It can be seen that the effect of low temperature on the nitrogen content of pepper is very obvious and very large. Nitrogen is one of the constituent substances such as chlorophyll and chlorophyllase, and the nitrogen content of pepper directly affects the healthy growth of pepper. Therefore, using a plant nutrient analyzer to diagnose nitrogen content in pepper can promptly identify the problems in the process of pepper planting, so as to take appropriate measures to protect the healthy growth of pepper, increase the yield and efficiency of pepper cultivation.

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