Multifunctional sweeper car introduction

Just after the summer solstice on the 21st, the hot air made the road's environmental hygiene more important. Imagine if there is no road sweeper, if there is a dirty environment, are people willing to leave the house? What I want to introduce now is not just a sweeper in the traditional sense, but a multi-purpose sweeper .


The multi-purpose sweeper is generally equipped with a vehicle chassis, four sweeps, an auxiliary engine, a trash storage box, a dust-removal system for sweeper, a special device electronic control system, and the like. Because it is a multi-purpose sweeper, its purpose is not just to sweep the road to clear our road. The front of the vehicle can be equipped with a fixed clean water tank and a plow-type snow removal shovel, which can be equipped with functions such as snow shovels and sprinkler trucks, which greatly increase the cost-effectiveness and achieve the purpose of a multi-purpose vehicle.

The suction system of the multi-function sweeper has a high-powered fan that can suck waste into the filter dust collector of the housing. There is also a vacuum filtration system, which means that sweeping vehicles on the road will not damage the environment and affect the safety of pedestrians on the road. A multi-purpose sweeper can sweep large areas on municipal roads, campuses, and factories. It does not require a lot of manpower and material resources to perform a clean sweep. Only one person can easily drive a road sweeper.

The multi-purpose sweeper is improved on the basis of the original, not only for cleaning on the road, but also for snow shoveling in the winter. The snow shovel in front of the Dongfeng brand multi-purpose sweeper can be adjusted in both directions, which greatly improves work efficiency. In addition to the snowboard as a whole, when the snowboard blade encounters any obstacles, the snowboard will be automatically reversed, and the overall obstacle avoidance function is adopted. The maximum obstacle height is ≥200mm.

The use of multi-purpose sweeping vehicles can be described as extensive. It not only maintains the road's cleanliness and beautification, but also reduces the city's air pollution index, prolongs the life of the road surface, and also reduces the chance of vehicle accidents. Such high-quality sanitation vehicles better maintain the development of the city.

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