Refrigerated car "courier fee"

Now that express delivery has spread all over the country, people know exactly how much money the item is sent to. Then, does anyone know how to calculate the freight rate for refrigerated trucks ? Although it is generally the company that transports fresh produce and vegetables to homes, with the development of the times, it is very likely that it will spread to frozen frozen products like Taobao.


For general cargo vehicles, the freight is calculated according to the marked load of the truck (referred to as the standard weight). When the weight of the cargo exceeds the standard weight, it is charged according to the weight of the cargo. The billing weight is in tons and the unit is rounded up below. Whether it is a general cargo vehicle or a refrigerated truck, it needs a freight rate. The freight rate is the price of the unit transportation product. The general transportation price includes the two factors of transportation distance and cargo weight. The freight rate of refrigerated trucks is calculated in accordance with the "Railway Freight Tariff Rate Table" attached to Annex II of the "Railway Freight Pricing Rules."

Refrigerated truck freight has a corresponding billing formula

1. Calculated by weight: Refrigerated truck freight = (refrigerated truck cargo base price 1 + frozen truck cargo base price 2 × freight mileage) × frozen car billing weight

2. Calculated according to the number of axes: refrigerated truck freight = (refrigerator truck base price 2 × freight mileage) × number of axles

3. Calculated by container = (refrigeration truck cargo base price 1 + refrigerated truck cargo base price 2 × freight mileage) × box number

There is an additional charge for the refrigerated truck's freight charges , just like the regular courier fee.

1. If the goods transported by using a railway cold plate frozen car need ice, the freight rate must be charged by 20%.

2. After the refrigerated truck arrives at the loading station, the 1 shipper cancels the shipment and should collect the empty vehicle return fee at 150.00 yuan per vehicle.

3. After the refrigerated truck arrives at the loading station, if the shipper cancels the shipment, in addition to the nuclear emptying vehicle return fee, it still has to charge a day's cooling fee for the pre-cooled mechanical refrigerated truck.

4. If the mechanical refrigerated truck exceeds the time required for loading (unloading) the vehicle, the cooling fee shall be charged on a daily basis (less than 12 hours for half a day) when the collection of the truck use fee is required during this period.

I believe that after reading this article, everyone now has a certain understanding of the "courier fees" for refrigerated trucks.

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