DYF split type hydraulic puller use method

1. When using, put the slotted end of the handle into the return valve stem and tighten the return valve stem clockwise.

2. Adjust the hook jaws to the hooks to catch the pulled object.

3. The handle is inserted into the tilt hole to tilt the piston's starting lever forward and forward smoothly, and the claw hook retreats accordingly to pull the pulled object.

4, the hydraulic puller piston start lever effective distance is only 50mm, so use when the reach should not be greater than 50mm, when not pulled out to stop, release the oil return valve, let the piston start rod retracted, adjusted after a second time Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 until they are pulled out.

5. To retract the piston starting rod, just use the handle slotted end to loosen the return valve stem counterclockwise, and the piston starting rod gradually retracts under the action of the spring.

6. Before use, according to the outer diameter of the object to be pulled, pull distance and load force, select the corresponding tonnage of the hydraulic puller, avoid overloading and avoid damage.

7. The hydraulic puller is used in -5°C~45°C, and uses (GB443-84)N15 mechanical oil; it is used in -20°C~-5°C and adopts (GB442-64) synthetic spindle oil.

8, in order to prevent damage caused by overloading equipment, hydraulic devices equipped with overloaded automatic unloading valve, when the object is pulled over the rated load, the overload valve will automatically unload, should be used to select larger tonnage hydraulic puller.

Jining Union Machinery And Parts Co.,Ltd is very professional in doing cylinders for Excavator. The arm cylinder, bucket cylinder and boom cylinder are for all brands of excavators.

We use the cold draw seamless steel tubes with strong honing technique.Length of the cylinder can reach up to 3m with diameter from Ã˜40~Ø400.The piston rods are made of 40Cr with treatment of quality adjustment followed by high frequency quenching and then hard chrome plating,which makes it flexible inside and hard outside with high smooth surface.The piston rod's adopt quality NOK seals and diameters are from Ã˜5~Ø140.The quality of our cylinder is ensured by high-pressure test bed.   And we have successfully passed ISO 9001: 2000 in aspect of our production and sales of our hydraulic fittings. We also can supply the cylinder parts to our customers such as the:       cylinders,rodpistons,cylinders,headcylinders,plungers,nuts,etc.

Excellent Production Process for the hydraulic cylinders

1.Raw material process

2.Tempering steel

3.Induction hardended steel

4.Chrome plating rod

5.Rod finish machining

6.Painted rod

We can supply  arm cylinder, bucket cylinder and boom cylinder for the following excavators:
For Komatsu    PC30    PC40    PC45    PC60    PC75    PC100    PC120    PC130    PC200  PC220    PC240    PC300    PC350    PC400    PC450              
For Cater    E70B    E110    E120B    E215    E235    E307    E311    E312    E322  E180    E240    E200B    E320    E300    E300B    E330    E325    
For DAEWOO    DH55    DH130    DH180    DH200    DH220    DH280    DH300    DH320    DH330  DH360    DH400    DH450    DH500        For HITACHI    EX30    EX40    EX60    EX100    EX120    EX200    EX220    EX270    EX300 EX350    EX400    EX450    ZX230    ZX240    ZX250    ZX270    ZX280    ZX330 ZX350    ZX370    ZX450    ZX470    ZX520    ZX600    ZX650    ZX670    ZX800
For HYUNDAI    R55    R60    R70    R80    R110    R130    R150    R170    R190 R200    R205    R210    R220    R230    R290    R300    R360    R450
For KATO    HD140    HD250    HD400    HD450    HD550    HD700    HD820    HD850    HD880  HD900    HD1220    HD1250                    
For KOBELCO    SK60    SK100    SK120    SK200    SK220    SK230    SK250    SK280    SK330  SK350    SK400    SK450                             
For SUMITOMO    SH70    SH100    SH120    SH160    SH200    SH220    SH240    SH260    SH265  SH280    SH300    SH330    SH340    SH350    LS2650    LS2800

Drawing of cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder for Excavator (1)

Hydraulic Cylinder for Excavator (3)

Hydraulic Cylinder for Excavator (2)

Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder

Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder,Excavator Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder,Excavator Hydraulic Steering Cylinder,Pc200 Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder

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