Portable axle weight scale performance characteristics and uses

Portable axle weight scale introduction:

High-strength aluminum alloy weighing table, simple and lightweight, durable and durable protection performance to IP67 level requirements. Ultra-thin steel sensor, compact structure, anti-departure load, strong overloading portable instrument, AC and DC, display printing integration, convenient and quick.

Portable axle weight scale features:

(1) Portable shaft weight scales with multiple sealing protection, waterproof and moisture-proof design to ensure normal detection in rainy days, light weight, easy to carry, high precision, good weight, and small lateral consistency error. With high-strength cable protection springs, not afraid of car wheel rolling, waist hole handle design will never be damaged.

(2) The weighing platform is individually calibrated with 10 points of correction, which greatly improves the accuracy of the product. With the date and time display, car number ticket number input, meter and two weighing station battery power monitoring instructions, etc. (3) Digital menu operation, simple and clear.

(4) Data such as date, vehicle number, ticket number, axle weight, axle group weight, total weight, overweight value, and monitoring unit can be printed.

(5) Standard RS-232 interface is used to facilitate the connection with the computer.

(6) Automatically determine whether the axle and tire type are automatically judged whether they exceed the limit.

(7) The portable axle weight scale cable signal plug is of imported quality. The exterior is protected by a high-strength protective cover to ensure that it will not be crushed and waterproof.

(8) Portable Axle Weight Scale The high-quality rubber sloped slope surface with dual anti-slip pattern design is exquisitely beautiful, durable, and the platform is connected with a dovetail to prevent the platen and the lead slope from coming off.

Portable axle weight scale working purpose:

1ZCS static and dynamic portable axle weight scale adopts the axle measurement method, which can be used for dynamic and static measurement of various types of trucks without limitation of type and tonnage. The structure is unique and the floor space is small.

2 The computer management system installed at the road toll station can monitor overloaded vehicles for vehicles traveling at a speed of 30 km/h. Display and print vehicle weight, axle weight, vehicle volume, date, amount, etc. according to the settings.

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