How to distinguish network cable in wireless monitoring system

The network cable is an indispensable part in the digital wireless monitoring system. The connection between the camera and the wireless monitoring device is indispensable to the network cable. The host that receives the wireless monitoring device to the monitoring center is also connected to the network cable. The quality of the network cable is the key to the cabling. The quality of the network cable used in the cabling is related to the network transmission rate and the durability of the entire project plan. When cabling, how to distinguish the quality of the cable is critical, and it is also a direct reflection of the ability of an engineer. So, how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of network cable?

1, check the flexibility of the network cable

A good-quality network cable is designed with the ease of wiring in mind and is as flexible as possible. No matter how it is bent, it is very convenient and it is not easily broken. At present, there are many profiteers on the market who are able to obtain high sales profits. In the pure copper quality network cable, other cheap metal components are involved in the network cable, so the cost of the network cable will be reduced, but the quality and performance of the network cable itself are not significant. The same phenomenon is manifested in the fact that the texture of the cable is no longer so soft, and the transmission speed of the cable is also greatly reduced.

If the cable is repeatedly bent during the wiring process, the copper cable inside the cable may be broken. Of course, if you find the network cable is too soft, you should also pay attention to it may be fake and shoddy products.

2, the test speed cable <br> <br> transmission speed of the network cable to test is the most effective means to identify the authenticity of network line quality; To get close to the actual use of the environment, while reducing outside interference links, I recommend double-testing machine Direct connection.

At the same time, in order to ensure the accuracy of the test, try to use a good brand of network card to ensure that the hardware bottleneck phenomenon does not occur during the test; at the same time, we must ensure that the computer system is clean, tidy and fast, otherwise the operating speed of the computer itself will affect the network cable transmission speed.

In addition, when connecting cables, try to use good quality crystal heads, but also to ensure that the end of the line is standardized, only in this way can the impact of external factors on the transmission speed of the network cable is reduced to a minimum.

3, test network cable temperature resistance

In the wiring project, there is a very high requirement for the network cable to resist the change of the outside temperature. It is not said that it can resist any environmental change. At least, the network cable cannot be softened or cracked in a high temperature or low temperature environment. In order to ensure that the performance of the network cable is not affected in a high temperature environment, the sheath material used in the genuine network cable can withstand the high temperature test of up to about 50 degrees, and similar phenomenon that the network cable is softened or deformed does not occur. If you cut a small section of cable jacket and put it on the stove for a while, you will find that the skin is softer than the normal skin, which means that the quality of the cable is certainly not too hard.

In the actual selection of network cable, sometimes the lack of testing environment or conditions, can not pass the above method to test the quality of the network cable or material, you may wish to identify the authenticity of the cable by observing the logo on the cable jacket.

Under normal circumstances, the regular brand of cable jackets have network cable types and manufacturers' trademarks. For example, the CAT5 logo indicates that the cable is a Category 5 cable, and the CAT6 logo indicates that the cable is a Category 6 cable; if the logo of the cable cable is anything, If not, everyone should be vigilant and try to create conditions to test the network cable according to the above method.

4, test the flammability of the cable

In general, the materials that make up the network cable must have anti-combustibility. Otherwise, if there is a fire or something, then it will be a huge loss. Therefore, when selecting cable, we must inspect the flammability of the cable skin to identify the authenticity. In the specific test, we can first use scissors to cut about 2 cm in length of the cable skin, and then use a lighter to burn against the skin, the skin of the genuine cable will be in the fireworks under the barbecue, gradually melted and deformed, but the skin will certainly not Burning up

If you find that the skin of the network cable cannot stand the test of fire, if it burns, then how high the transmission speed of the cable should be given up, because after all this kind of cable is very unsafe in the wiring project, it will leave a lot of use. Security risks.

The author once found a genuine network cable and counterfeit network cable, and at the same time used a lighter to ignite them. After 6 seconds, the genuine network cable only took white smoke and gradually melted and deformed over time. The counterfeit cable was less than 2 seconds. It was lightly ignited and accompanied by a large amount of black smoke.

5, test the extensibility of the skin

Considering that the network cable often needs to be bent during the wiring, many regular manufacturers leave a certain degree of extensibility to the outer skin when making the network cable, so as to ensure that the network cable is not damaged when it is bent. Therefore, when we pulled the regular cable with both hands, we found that the outer skin was stretchy. If the cable skin is severed or the outer skin is cracked by an external force, there is a problem with the quality of the cable.

6, test network cable winding

It is known that ordinary twisted pairs are connected by four groups of intertwined network cables. The winding distance of a network cable is actually the length of a section of a cable. Usually, people use the winding distance to indicate the tightness of each pair of pairs, and in order to minimize the degree of crosstalk between each pair of pairs. The pairs are often wound tightly counterclockwise and the windings used for each pair must not be the same.

However, in order to reduce production costs and reduce process costs, many profiteers of production network cables often wind four pairs of pairs in the same winding distance. Even the winding distance of many poor quality network cables is as high as several centimeters, so that the crosstalk between pairs is large. The increase has seriously affected the performance of the network cable.

To sum up, in addition to the expertise of the engineers themselves, it is also crucial for the careful screening of the network cables. A stable wireless monitoring system must not only use stable wireless monitoring equipment, but also the stability of peripheral equipment. The quality of the network cable is also very important. In the construction of digital wireless monitoring systems, if you need to transmit high-definition signals must use more than five types of network cable to achieve data transmission.

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