Yichang municipal sanitation customers come to Hualing Xingma to investigate products

In April 2016, Yichang municipal sanitation customers came to the company to inspect the series of sanitation vehicles. Yang Mingyin, the general manager of Xingma Gasoline, accompanied them all the way.

Clients Visit Hualing Xingma Sanitation Vehicle Series
Clients Visit Hualing Xingma Sanitation Vehicle Series

During the visit, Yang Mingyin not only introduced the company's development history and product development process, but also introduced the company's environmental sanitation vehicle series. He said, “The development of the company is integrated with the development of the product. Production chassis - Hualing heavy truck, and then to the independent R & D and production of the core components of the Hanma engine, transmission, axles, etc., Hualing Xingma is to promote the company to become bigger and stronger through the upgrade of the product development. In terms of development, Valin Xingma puts “creating value for customers” first, and the pursuit of product quality is the eternal pursuit of the company's development.Our products can look a little better than our production equipment, Hualing Heavy Truck IV The large-scale workshop can be said to have the highest degree of automation and advanced level in the country. The advanced level and automation level of the Hanma Power Plant are second to none in the world. In such a production environment, our products must be highly sophisticated. At present, environmental sanitation vehicles have been developed at the same time as waste transportation and road cleaning, and a series of products have been developed for waste transportation, including docking garbage transfer. After compression loading refuse collection vehicles, detachable compartment Hooklift road sweeping class has three products: Wash sweeping vehicles, road sweeping vehicles, high-pressure car washing "

It is understood that the Yichang sanitation customer visit focused on product inspection is the company's newly developed sanitation car products in recent years, and into the Hualing heavy truck production line and engine production line. During the visit, the customer representatives praised the outstanding achievements made by Hualing Xingma in recent years. At the same time, they also provided the key to the company’s advanced product lines, high-quality products, and heavy trucks, special vehicles, and engines. The full coverage of parts and components and the company’s production strength have shown great interest. With the increase of national efforts in environmental protection and governance, and the country’s high regard for urban and rural cleanliness and sanitation, customer representatives believe that this is a rare opportunity for Hualing Xingma. A good opportunity for improvement. Valin Xingma garbage trucks, sprinklers, sweepers, etc., are well adapted to the needs of the city's clean and environmental protection. The customer representatives said that through this visit to the factory, they learned about the scale and strength of Valin Xingma, and they also saw the efforts made by Valin Xingma to ensure product quality, and they all agreed that they were relying on Valin. With the advantage of Xingma's advanced technology and good social reputation, it is believed that Hualing Xingma will certainly welcome new development opportunities in the sanitation field.

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